Mahindra Comviva software tester trainee placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 08, 2016

Company: Mahindra Comviva

Profile: Software Tester Trainee

Salary: Rs 2.4 LPA

Interview Date: April 2015

Name: Kanika Saini

There were four round of interview.

I couldn’t go for last round due to an exam

Interview are not always scary!

On the day of interview, students were asked to come at 10 in the morning. We were briefed by the HR that there will be three rounds in all. First two will be technical rounds and the last one will be HR. It was my first interview and like everyone else I was scared too, biting my nails while waiting for my turn to come. After a while, HR announced my name and pointed towards a room. As soon as I went into the room I started perspiring after seeing 2 interviewers in the panel. I wished them and sat down. They started asking questions which were fairly easy and I answered all of them. After a while all the nervousness was gone since the interviewers were very friendly. They were giving time to think about the answers and all in all they made it a very peaceful and fun experience. They also gave me knowledge about various topics which I dint knew the answers of. The first round lasted for 30 minutes and at the end I was asked to wait outside. After 10 minutes the HR announced hat I have cleared the first round and now it’s turn for second one. This time I wasn’t much scared and nervous. The questions asked in the second round were a bit difficult then those were in first. The interview lasted for another 20 minutes, All in all,both rounds went well because of the friendly interviewers who made it easy for all the students.

It was a good experience since it build up confidence in me and broke the myth of interviews being scary and nerve wrecking. In both the rounds I gave to the point answers of all the questions and after a while the interview became a fun experience.

If we are going for any company then we must read a bit about that company to gain an insight about it. We must stay calm and give answers in a confident manner.

The key skills tested in the process were analytical skills, aptitude, and knowledge on software testing. “1. Software testing by Pressman.

  1. R.S. Aggarwal for maths aptitude.
  2. Indiabix website for aptitude questions.”

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