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Interview experience at Lowe’s Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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Company: Lowe’s Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Profile: Associate Software Engineer
Salary: 4.5 LPA
Place: Bengaluru
Number of rounds : 3
Result: I got selected

An interview process can be considered as a turning point in one’s life. It is an important milestone that shapes one’s career path. The entire interview experience began in my 7th semester. I still remember my first interview, I was not able to clear the first round itself! That really disturbed me a lot, but I knew it was not the end of the world. I took it positively and considered it to be just the beginning of a new endeavor. There onwards, I have always tried to achieve my goals with full confidence.

The Interview Rounds


The rounds I faced at Lowe’s Services India Pvt. Ltd. were as follows:
# Aptitude
# Logical reasoning
# English and Technical Questions

What was the question you were asked in the English Communication skill test?


I was asked to speak about the pros and cons of social media. Speak and put your point out confidently, never quarrel and never deviate from the main topic.

Tips to crack the aptitude round


For written aptitude, you can prepare from the R. S. Agarwal book. It has some great examples and exercises which can be very helpful while preparing. Practice as many questions as possible and memorize the short-cut formulae. For all aptitude topics, you can use trick methods to save more time and cover more questions with speed.

Tips to crack the technical round


When it comes to the technical test, have a good understanding of technical concepts (for instance, have a good understanding of at least one programming language like C/Java/OOP’s). Practice as much as possible in advance. You will be asked to solve some more technical questions and puzzles either online or on paper. You can clear them easily if you have a habit of coding regularly.

Tips to crack the HR round


You will have to introduce yourself smartly.
Then you need to talk about all your projects, bit by bit in detail. Explain the concepts you applied in your project to avoid further confusion.

Details about the toughest round – Aptitude


First round in any recruitment drive is generally the aptitude round. Clearing this round is often a challenge. I decided to brush up my aptitude skills ahead of time. But I realized, being good at solving puzzles and problems is not enough. Time plays a very critical role, so you need to manage time smartly. Solving such questions within a stipulated amount of time is the key to clear this round.

Details about the easiest round – GD or group discussion


The second round in most interviews is the Group Discussion. In my opinion it’s the easiest to clear. You need not know everything about each and every topic given to you for discussion. It’s more about their attitude and body language that the interviewer looks at. Make sure you maintain an eye contact while speaking and brace yourself to appear confident.

Details about the technical round


Coming to a most critical aspect of any interview process – the Technical Round. Its outcome might be different for different individuals. Many people quoted “It was a cake walk, I am sure I will get selected”, others stated “It was tough, I don’t stand a chance.” And yet some exceptions like me said “I don’t know, I am unable to predict anything right now. I can just hope for the best.”
Earlier, I would always ponder why people gave such varied answers. But now I know how frustrating it can get because more than feeling motivated, we end up getting nervous. Preparing all the technical concepts well and delivering it tactfully would surely do the needful.
Students from Computer Science and Information Science background should know Coding. It is a mandate and cannot be done away with.
Note – Interviewers don’t look for correct syntax. They just want to hire Programmers who can code. The code must be simple, should have correct logic and must yield optimal results. If all this goes smoothly, one is sure to get through.

Details about the HR round

The final round being the HR round, is where you showcase your best behavior and communication skills. After having cleared the above rounds, this round must not seem that hard. However, do not take this round for granted. Apparently, in this round you will decide where your hard work and perseverance goes. Make sure to give your best shot in every answer.

Conclusion and my learnings from the Lowe’s Services campus drive


The most exciting moment about any recruitment event is the wait. Although, the wait is intimidating, the tension can be worth it after clearing the round. A person sitting next to you, who is a total stranger becomes your best mate. You end up knowing each other and start sharing your experiences and job expectations. Trust me, one would cherish this moment for the entire lifetime. “My first Job and the experiences related to it” will be imprinted in your memory.
I would like to conclude by saying, an interview is like a challenge with many hurdles. Although obstacles may lead to failure, but never give up. Keep trying until you succeed.


Be confident and give it your best shot.

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote
5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

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