Looking out for a job? Avoid adding these things to your resume!

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Posted by FirstNaukri May 19, 2020

Searching a job as a fresher can be a tough task!

You not only need to know how to get noticed by recruiters but also prepare for a lot of other things for the first time such as personal interview and writing a perfect resume.

With lesser experience on this, even a small mistake can reduce your chances of getting shortlisted for a job offer. Creating a perfect resume can save your job application from going to the trash.

Here’s a checklist of what you should not include in your resume to keep up your game during the unprecedented times.

Here’s what skipping on your resume make sense for a productive job search:

  • Hobbies or Interest areas

Adding your hobbies do not add much value to your resume.  Similarly, mentioning interest areas is not beneficial unless it is relevant for the job you are applying for.

Instead, save the space on your resume for more relevant information like work experience, skills and achievements.

  • Statement of Objective

Job seekers usually focus on highlighting their objective or profile summarythat mainly focuses on their expectations from the job. However, in the current scenario of the uncertain job market, the focus should be more on what a job seeker can offer to the employer so that chances are more of getting shortlisted.

After all, your goal is to market yourself to the hiring manager for reasons they are looking for in a candidate.

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  • General Descriptions of Duties

If you already have some work experience, adding the entire list of duties you performed in your previous role doesn’t make your resume look unique or catchy to employers.

What you need to do is mention how you added value in those roles as employers are more interested in seeing that. What skills you developed during the time and how you utilized those skills to deliver performance is what is more fulfilling.

So, instead of just increasing the length of your resume with ‘n’ number of duties, focus on quantifying your achievements.

  • Personal Information

Many newbies commit a mistake of adding their personal information such as birth date, religion, height, age and place of birth.

You should keep your focus on information that are meaningful from job stand point of view and not such information as employers do not take decisions basis your age, height or other such details.

  • Long Paragraphs

Unsolicited information is a big pain for anyone going through your resume! Adding all the information without bullets in long paragraphs is not only a turn off for employers; it also increases the possibilities of going your document ignored by the hiring managers.

Recruiters need to see important information in crisp bullets that are easy to understand at a glance. Employers want to see what is enticing for them to shortlist a candidate over others. Therefore, customize your resume for their open position and prepare a resume that catches employers’ eyes.

Check out Firstnaukri online resume maker tool and get a winning CV ready for a quick job search.

All the best! 


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