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Advice to Freshers from the Founder of “Look for meaning and not money in your life.”

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/ 3,208 views / in Learn From Leaders by admin

Sanjeev Bikhchandani’ s story is an inspiration to freshers and professional jobseekers alike. Sir is a living example of the fact that passion and foresight can drive one to achieve …
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Ashish Mishra

“Sharpen Your Problem-Solving Skills” Says GreyOrange HR Head

3.67 avg. rating (76% score) - 3 votes
/ 840 views / in Learn From Leaders by admin

One question every aspiring robotics engineer asks is “How do I make a career in robotics?” According to the Recruitment Head of GreyOrange, Mr. Ashish Mishra, knowledge of programming will …
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harveen singh

“Come With Specialized Industry Knowledge” Says a Career Coach to Freshers

5.00 avg. rating (94% score) - 2 votes
/ 4,013 views / in Learn From Leaders by FirstNaukri Team

Most of you have been to a college or are still studying. Sooner or later, you will actively look for jobs. Before a campus placement, as a candidate you would …
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