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Know why transferable skills are becoming popular among employers

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Nowadays, recruiters are laying a lot emphasis on transferable skills and are asking a lot many interview question around the same subject. So let’s first understand more about the concept to understand the reason for their growing significance.

What are transferable skills?

Skills that can be used across a variety of roles and functional areas are termed as transferrable skills. Some leading examples are communication skills, research and analytical skills, data analysis, team work, time management, work ethics, problem solving, etc. These skills are independent of any title or industry and not limited by the scope of work. They can easily be used in a number of industries as well as profiles.

Indeed, these skills are not learnt as a part of any curriculum. A person can imbibe them from past employment, volunteerships, sports involvement, hobbies, activities, and beyond. They are immensely helpful to grow within the current role or market yourself for a new job or industry.

Why are transferrable skills important for professionals?

Transferrable skills are seen as very important for entry level professionals or freshers like you to get started in your choice of field. Since you are just stepping into the professional world, you have a great opportunity to pick and evolve them throughout your career since the beginning. It offers a way to show your ability to perform a given job even if your profile don’t match the job description completely. The more significant your transferrable skills are, the more are the chances for you to land the job. These skills carry the potential to help you become asset for your organization.

Why are transferrable skills growing in popularity among recruiters?

Amidst an increasingly competitive business landscape, recruiters look forward to hiring candidates and talent who can diversify and do multi-tasking. This is exactly the advantage which comes with the jobseekers with transferrable skills. Your diverse skill set can help you gain an edge over other candidates and cut the competition. Recruiters often value these skills as they can be leveraged in numerous ways at the workplace.

How do transferrable skills help freshers?

The rich experience that you have had gained during your academics, internship projects or the first job helps to develop a multitude of skills, most of which you can leverage across any function or role. Moreover, as you grow in your career, your skills will improve and you will also learn new one over the course. Freshers are highly recommended to build their resume around transferrable skills to strengthen their chances of success in a job interview. Since you currently might not have much work experience, transferable skills will help you demonstrate your ability to adapt to new demands.

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4.00 avg. rating (81% score) - 2 votes