Jellyfish Technologies software developer placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Feb 26, 2016

Company: Jellyfish Technologies

Profile: Software Developer

Salary: 3.6LAKHS

Interview Date: Nov 2015

Name: Saumya Bhasin

Result Awaited. There were four rounds of interview.

Heading – Brief, one line advice/strategy/experience snapshot – It was nice experience but before proceeding to recruitment. I had a very good experience. After clearing aptitude and technical online test and then coding round I got selected for technical interview. They asked me java question in technical interview I gave answered the entire question and satisfied him then the Hr interview held results yet awaited.

Round 1: First round consist of aptitude English logical question and Question on domain knowledge related to DBMS C JAVA DS.

Round 2: Second round is coding round three question were asked there two programs and one DBMS question.

Round 3: Third round was technical interview question of DBMS java were asked interview held for almost one hour sound technical knowledge of java is required.

Round 4: Fourth round was HR Cum Technical Interview question on project are asked some logical question about life are also called.

Please describe your overall experience & Strategy you followed for each round: For first round just your basics re required, second round good programming skills are required for technical and HR interview confidence good knowledge of Java is required.


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