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Is it the right time to search for jobs?

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Amidst the ongoing ups and downs of the economy, looking out for jobs may seem difficult and daunting. Currently, there can be a gap in the availability of jobs in a few sectors, however, see it as a rebuilding phase. As organizations are also adapting to the new normal, things will soon pick up the pace. There are still many opportunities that have come up during the pandemic. A large number of businesses have turned to technology for their day to day operations, thereby opening doors for multiple job opportunities across different roles.

Additionally, there is a new realm of industries like Heathtech, Fintech and Ed-tech that are witnessing a double-digit rise in the demand for new talent. Likewise, industries with a focus on digital transformation, analytics, cyber security, digital marketing, e-commerce, etc. are on a constant lookout for new brains.

Hence, no time is right or wrong for beginning a career. There could be a temporary change in the short term and long term goals, but do not let odds deter your spirits. Invest more time and effort in exploring and following what is worthwhile right now. For example: Upskilling and developing other skills like critical thinking, creativity, ideation and reasoning, etc. More and more employers are putting a lot of weight on hiring individuals who can multi-task and add bring more on the table than taking the older routes of working.

  1. Look for adding extensions to your skill set

You may be a pro at academics but that won’t be the only thing required to crack an interview. Think of the related technical skills that you can learn that would uplift your profile and can enhance your resume. Enrolling in an online class or web-based course to earn a required credential or qualification will surely help. The internet is full of free as well as paid courses that one can pick up and complete at their own pace. Do pick any of them as per your requirement. This will make you more productive and prepare you to be placed just when the economy revamps.

  • Be prepared

An interesting opportunity might knock at the door anytime. So stay prepared. Ensure to keep your profile updated. If you have not updated it in the last 3 months, now is the time. In case you have recently earned a certification or have completed an internship, these details must reflect on your resume. An outdated profile may lessen your job prospects. Spend sufficient time to create an impressive and professional resume.

Check out the Firstnaukri Free Resume Maker. It compiles all your information in visually appealing designs and format. No watermark. Industry-wise templates.

  • Don’t look for a perfect job.

There is nothing called as a perfect job. You may aspire to get many things, however, now is the time to hunker down and be flexible especially when the going is really tough. Therefore, the first thing you must focus while trying to find a job is to be adaptable and flexible. Being flexible can help you avoid being anxious or stifled by change. Since it is the beginning of your career, do it right but don’t be too rigid to not to accept any sort of change.

  • Don’t let rejections stop you.

This is the most important. Failure is not an end of all; it is more of a learning experience. Learn from it, get up and start again. Many a times, you will get instant results out of your job search. Whereas, it may also take longer to get the desired outcome. Do not leave any stone unturned. Review your job search strategy and modify the action plan, whenever required.

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote
5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

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