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Interview experience for Technical Analyst at HP

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Company: HP

Profile: Technical Analyst

Salary: 3.6L per annum

Place: VIT Vellore

Number of rounds:  3

Result: I got selected

The Application Processes

Hello guys. I am an alumnus of the Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. I applied for the role of a Technical Analyst at HP through my college’s Training and Placement Cell. My TPO (Training and Placement Officer) was very helpful in this regard and guided us willfully. The opening was also listed on

How to prepare my resume for the opening of a Technical Analyst at HP?

Prepare your resume yourself. Do not copy from friends. The HP recruiter will check each and every word thoroughly and will accordingly ask you questions. So be vigilant.

Crucial tips to gear up for your HP interview

Prepare well ahead in time before your interview day. I actually browsed a lot of genuine interview experiences written by real candidates on Firstnaukri’s Career Guidance section especially for important companies like HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro and Lowe’s.

As a fresher, you will be in a lot of dilemma before your interview. You need to focus and figure out all the right answers to the questions asked. So, try to be as thorough as possible in certain topics covered. I would like to share a small tip here. In order to prepare for your job role, you should prepare for questions that fit the designation (no matter which company).

For instance:

In case you are applying for the position of a C# developer, you should be aware of all nitty-gritties of C-sharp as a coder. Your logics should be correct even if the syntax comprises of minor mistakes.

If you are attempting for an Associate Software Developer or an Analyst’s job in the field of networking, you should be well aware of all concepts related to CCNA/CCNP and networking in general.

The Interview Rounds

The entire interview comprised of two parts. Most of the first part covered general aptitude questions and quantitative aptitude questions. The second part of my interview comprised of technical questions that were based on networking and operating system basics.

What were the questions you faced in the HR round?
The very first question asked to me was – “Introduce yourself”.

Answer: I gave a very brief description about my basic nature. Then I shared a quick overview of my background, family life and educational details. I stressed only on those achievements which I particularly felt were relevant and should be projected. For instance, I was the captain of my BTech college’s basketball team. Also, I was the cultural secretary of my school, etc.

The second question I faced was “Tell me something about your strengths and weakness”.

Answer: I pin pointed the fact that I hate to stay alone and I am a social butterfly. I love making friends as I believe they are my lifeline in an alien city. Friends are my greatest weakness as I get very emotional when it comes to them or any issues that my buddies are facing. On the other hand, because of a huge friend circle, I think I can survive in any corner of the world. So friends are also my greatest strength.

The third question I was asked was “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now and what sort of difficulties do you think you would be facing in this company or any other?”

Answer: I found the third question intriguing and extremely interesting because I had never come across anything like this before. I did not bluff and beat about the bush and I clearly communicated that I would love to see myself as a well settled subject matter expert in a technology of my liking which is Microsoft Dot Net Framework. Right now, I am adept in C# but by then, I want to master Java, Oops, ASP, SQL etc. I aim to become an established application developer with exposer in both hosted and embedded systems as well as sophisticated operating systems. Once I acquire so much of knowledge, I do not think I will face any difficulty at all as my skill sets will pave way for a smooth career and future.

Describe the HP Technical Analyst placement interview in detail

Basically, my interview consisted of three rounds.
First Round

On the first day, we faced the first round. It was an aptitude test. I would call it more of a technical round. I performed well and cracked it easily as I had practiced earlier and was comfortable with the questions.

Second Round

The very next day, sharp at 8 am in the morning, I reached the venue at particular block in VIT, Vellore. A total 1000 candidates had appeared for Round 1 and only 150 candidates had cleared it. All 150 appeared for round 2.

We waited for the interview to start. Once it started, it lasted the entire day. The process was time taking and after a few hours, they started calling candidates for technical interview session.

Some candidates even completed their second technical round, while I was still waiting. I was patient and waited for my turn eagerly. I was hungry too but I waited till my turn came.

Soon afterwards, they called my name and suddenly I started feeling very jittery and nervous. When I entered the room, I am sure the interviewers could read nervousness on my face. It took me about 2 to 3 minutes to calm down. The recruiter asked me to sit back and relax. I took a long breath and gathered all my courage to face the bullet!

The recruiter started asking me the questions one by one, as described above. I took a pause to prepare the answer in my head quickly and then answered each question in a calm and composed manner. The entire interview lasted for about 15-20 minutes.

As soon as it was over, the recruiter asked me to wait outside with the remaining 150 candidates. They said in the next 5 minutes, they would be announcing the results.

Third round

The recruiter announced the result exactly after 5 mins. I was asked to wait for my third round by a placement staff. My heart started beating louder and louder. This was the final round and I would soon know my fate.

The final round was an HR round. It also went smoothly and again my recruiter said, “OK. I will not waste any more of your time, you can go and wait outside until the results are announced.”

I went out and waited for 15 mins. I was then asked by the placement guy to fill out a form. After filling it, I was asked to leave for the day! They did not reveal anything about my results. I went back outside to my friends extremely anxious.

Suddenly my friend shrieked “Congratulations! You are selected!” It felt great at that time and was indeed a rewarding experience. I would like to reveal that as a future Technical Analyst applicant at HP, try and be as bold and confident as possible. Do not get disappointed if you get rejected. This is not the last company or last job under the sun. There is a sea of job opportunities out there, especially on Firstnaukri. So, don’t give up and keep trying.

All the best!

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