Interview experience at Improwised Technologies

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Company: Improwised Technologies

Profile: Web Designer

Salary: 2 LPA

Place: Rajkot

Number of rounds:  3

Result: Rejected

The Application Processes

My interview at Improwised Technologies is one of my best placement interview experiences till date. I applied for this opening on through my college’s placement cell. The application process happened right after I completed my Information Technology Engineering Degree. The opening for a Web Designer at “Improwised Technologies” seemed interesting. Design has always fascinated me as an Engineering student and I have actually made up my mind to make a career in Web Design or Creative Graphic design.

The Interview Rounds

I faced 3 rounds and solved questions pertaining to General Knowledge, HTML, CSS And JavaScript Basics.

First round of my Web Designer interview

It was a written round and partly technical in nature. I cracked the eligibility test by clearing the first round of on-campus interview that happened in my college. After appearing for the first round of the test, I passed it successfully, reason being it was pretty easy.

Second round of my Web Designer interview

The second round of my web designer interview took place in the company’s own campus. I was simply in awe of the atmosphere and interiors of Improwised Technologies office. Every member of the staff seemed extremely warm and welcoming. They portrayed enough patience to talk to students like us and guide us immediately in case of any confusion.

The round started with a short speech by an HR person on how Improwised Technologies functions. The talented employees and unique projects they are executing is highly appreciable.

After a few more minutes, it was time for my interview to start. I knocked on the cabin’s door and said, “May, I come in Sir?”. The interviewer replied softly, “Please come and sit.”. The atmosphere and energy seemed very familiar and I all of a sudden started feeling very comfortable and confident at the same time.

The way they were treating me was good. Questions I faced were as follows:

First question – “Tell me about yourself.”

I replied very firmly and quickly. I gave a brief summary about my educational details and personal life, hometown, my parent’s occupations and every other notable point that I felt was shareworthy. I actually answered very rapidly. That was my mistake and I will not repeat the same.

Second question – “Why you like join us?”

I replied pleasantly that I liked the atmosphere and the work culture of company. The projects seemed unique and very interesting too. Hence, I would like to work there.

Third question – “What are your best and worst qualities?”
Fourth question – “What are the things about this company you don’t like?”

I felt this was the best question of the day. Very few companies can tolerate criticism, hence they avoid asking such questions to interviewees. I did not know what to reply. I actually did not have a single negative opinion to put forth about the organization. Besides, it was too early for me to be critical about them. Hence, I said, “The company can work on projects in various programming languages.”

The interviewer seemed happy with my answer and said that I would get notified about further selection rounds and processes.

My learning from this interview experience

In the end, I eventually got reject by the company. The reasons are obvious, they have found a better candidate than me, and that does not cause me any disheartenment or harm. There are scores of companies out there with a thousand more job openings for designers. All I have to do is prepare well and keep looking on and But from this experience, I learnt a few critical things. My learnings have geared me up for all my future face-times with recruiters, and they are listed below.

# Do not rush into things
# Avoid answering speedily
# Listen carefully
# Understand the question
# Frame a best possible answer in your mind

So far, this interview at Improvised Technologies has been my best experience as a job seeker. I for sure got rejected, but I learnt many things. In case you would want to give a best shot to your interview, prepare well.

How to prepare

Solve as many question papers of Aptitude Tests, as possible. Do self-study and teach yourself the concepts clearly.

Special tricks to crack the interview

As I mentioned beforehand, don’t answer quickly. Listen carefully, try to comprehend the question and accordingly respond to your interviewer. Avoid unnecessarily wordy answers with too many breaks and pauses. Communicate your ideas to come off as a person who has clarity in his/her thoughts.

All the best.


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