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Intellect Design Arena Product Engineer Placement Experience

5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes

Company: Intellect Design Arena

Profile: Product Engineer

Salary: 3 LPA

Place: Siruseri, SIPCOT IT PARK, Chennai

Number of Rounds: 2

Result: Awaited

Application process

I applied for this opening through my college. The interview was on a Saturday. We were supposed to reach the venue by 9 am and I was there before time.

Since it was a direct walk-in interview, many candidates turned up. After the registration process was over, we waited in a hall. After that, an HR personnel collected our resumes. At about 10:30 am, we had breakfast in the cafeteria. Finally, at 12 noon they called out the names of people who had been shortlisted based on cut off marks.

The eligibility criteria were as follows:
Criteria 1: You should have secured 75% marks in 10th board
Criteria 2: You should have secured 75% marks in 12th board
Criteria 3: You should have secured a CGPA of 7.5 or an aggregate of 75% in B. Tech

Thankfully I met all the above criteria.

First round:
We were asked to attend the first round, through an online test, in batches. This was not conducted immediately but at around 4.30 p.m. So, I had to wait for a long time to attended the test.
Second round:
I got shortlisted for the next round, which was conducted on the following Monday. I am still waiting for this call. I received an email intimation with a list of candidates who had cleared the first round. My name is on this list thankfully.

Interview Rounds


Aptitude test:

Quantitative Aptitude, Logical and verbal reasoning topics are covered mostly. In verbal reasoning synonyms and antonyms, correction of sentences and other basic topics were there. In quantitative reasoning the topics covered were percentage, profit and loss, Time and work, Simple and compound interest were included and in logical reasoning, Bar and pie charts, seating arrangements, permutations and combinations, logically follows were included.

Technical Test:

The technical written round was pretty easy. Questions asked spanned across multiple subjects belonging to my B. Tech curriculum. Since my fundamentals were strong and I had also revised my course beforehand, I was able to score well.

“Interview questions I faced in the HR round and how I answered them”


Right now, I don’t seem to remember the exact number of questions I was asked. Actually, I have attended ‘N’ number of interviews after this one. And honestly, I am pretty sure that questions that were asked to me, had a medium level of difficulty. They are not that difficult to clear and all the rounds can be easily cracked if you are well prepared.

My learnings from this placement interview experience

My learnings and tips for you would be as follows.

Aptitude round learnings:

For the Aptitude round, practice basic topics in all three categories namely – quants, logical and verbal. Practice will help you clear the round. Don’t waste too much time on a single question. Instead, skip a question if it is time consuming and move on to the next one. In most companies, there is no negative marking, despite them conducting tests on vendor support platforms like AMCAT or CoCubes or Merittrac.

Technical round learnings:

You might have to score 50% cut off marks to make it through. Sometimes there are too many easy technical questions which you can easily solve. Otherwise the test majorly covers your B. Tech syllabus. So, brush up your basic fundamentals and aptitude to effortlessly clear the written aptitude round.

Interview round learnings:

The only thing that matters in every interview is self-confidence. So, do not lose heart if you don’t crack one interview. Attending interviews are very useful as they teach you many lessons. Even if you acquire a bitter experience, don’t lose heart. Your preparation for one interview paves way for you to crack several others in the future! And trust me, one day you would surely feel thankful for that bitter experience.

Other learnings:

I’ve had bitter experiences in many interviews. But every single one helped me build my confidence and enhance my exposure. I never ever repeat the same mistake and I also help my friends by sharing these experiences. It boosts their self-confidence too and stops them from committing the same mistakes as me. Similarly, be broad enough to accept your mistakes. Nobody is a scholar, not even your interviewer! Besides, it is only human to err. If you seriously don’t have any idea about what the interviewer is asking you, you can tell them that you have no idea. Kindly do not bluff and also, do not rush things during an aptitude test. Once you get tensed, you will portray nervousness and stammer, which might impact your overall score. Stay calm, be cool and just go for it.

Lastly, I would like to reiterate that bitter experiences are actually better! They teach you how to see things from a different angle, for instance, from the interviewer’s perspective. ‘You’ are ‘your’ best judge and nobody in this world knows that better than you. So, commit mistakes without hesitation and learn from each one of them. Also, do not repeat the same slip-up over and over. This will be your way of making your interview process slightly better than the previous ones. Eventually, you will have more chances of cracking the same and landing a job offer.

All the best!

5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes
5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes

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