Infosys Software Engineer Trainee Placement Experience

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Company: Infosys
Profile: Software Engineer
Salary: 5 Lakhs Per Annum
Place: Graphic Era University, Dehradun
Number of Rounds: 3
Result: Selected

Infosys came to our college for campus recruitment on 21st December 2017. The on-campus drive was conducted for the students of my batch (B. Tech and MCA 2018). A day before the placement drive, our placement officer asked all the eligible candidates including me, to meticulously go through Infosys’ profile and understand the company’s business operations. I also tried to figure out my growth prospects within Infosys by connecting with college seniors who are presently working with Infosys.

Application process

I applied through my university. The process took 1 day. I interviewed for an opening at Infosys (Mysore). Only those of us who maintained a score of 65% or CGPA 6.5, with no active backlogs, were allowed to apply for Infosys placement drive.

Interview rounds

The interview process comprised of 3 rounds.

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Round 1

Aptitude test: It was pretty easy and the questions were multiple choice type. There were about 30 questions and the difficult level was as low as 10th standard mathematics. Anybody with clear fundamentals can easily crack this round.
Technical test: This was also a written test. Questions pertaining to basic object-oriented programming and basic database concepts were asked. If you are good in C programming or any one other programming language, you can easily crack this round as well.
Round 2

Technical Interview(s) – I faced only one technical interview. My interview panelist was a well-behaved and polite. She was very patent with me and gave me ample time to solve every question, some of them on a paper with a pen, that I borrowed from her.

Round 3

HR Interview round – It was a very generic round. Any confident candidate can easily face this round. Questions asked were a little personal, like my family background and my personal interests. The interviewer also asked me if I had any relatives or friend working with the company. He checked his Outlook for their name to ensure I was not bluffing!

My learnings from the interview rounds

Round 1

The first round was purely a pen and paper round. Infosys HR personnel provided us with a question and answer sheet. Invigilation was very strict and nobody was allowed to talk. The first part had objective questions and second part had subjective questions.

Objective questions: This section comprised of quantitative aptitude questions, verbal reasoning questions and basic technical questions.
Subjective questions: This section had questions pertaining to basic coding and SQL queries

“The entire test lasted for about 2 hours. After the test, shortlisted students’ names were announced.”

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Round 2

Following round 1, we underwent a technical interview round in our college campus itself. Questions in this technical interview were somewhat easy as I explained earlier. I had practiced a lot in advance and had spoken to a few seniors. All of them said 80% of the job is done if a candidate clears the written round. These lines boosted my confidence further.

Round 3

Candidate names who had made it into the final round were announced after round 2. The last and final round was an HR interview. We were briefed about the terms and conditions of working with Infosys in an induction program. We were shown slides about the company culture and goals. I felt so inspired that in the HR round, I felt motivated to speak all the better. When it came down to the third and final round, I simply focused on communication skills. All my seniors had told me beforehand that Infosys HR pays a lot of attention to the way we articulate our thoughts. So, I went prepared and you must go prepared as well.

Infosys technical interview questions I faced and how I answered them

Q: What are your strong points in as far as technical knowledge is concerned?
A: I am good at coding in Java and C++. I rather enjoy coding in these programming languages.

Q: Describe inheritance and its types.
A: Inheritance is the process of acquiring features of one higher class by another lower class. There are different types of inheritance in which a new Class, called Derived Class gets created, from an existing class, or Base Class. Inheritance enables code reusability. Hence it is important in development.

Q: Explain your recent project in detail?
A: In my recent project, my contribution was significant. I led the team and strategized too in terms of process, programming standards, inculcating code re-usability via inheritance concepts, and more. We were working in three shifts and deliverables were due every alternate day, which made this project more interesting.

Q: Explain IOT in brief.
A: Internet of Things(IoT) is a network of electronic devices embedded with software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity. All the objects connected to this network have their individual IP addresses and all of them are capable of exchanging data. If you own one or all of these devices, you can control them remotely.

Q: What do you understand by Artificial Intelligence?
A: AI is a new and emerging concept in the field of computer science. In simple terms, it is the use of simulated intelligence in machines. This new-age technology emphasizes on the creation of intelligent machines. Gadgets and gizmos powered by AI portray human-like intellect to carry out activities. These events include speech recognition, solving puzzles and learning quickly.

Q: Write an SQL query to fetch Employee Count working in a project ‘P1’.
A: SQL Query is – SELECT COUNT (*) FROM Employee WHERE Project = ‘P1’;

Q:Write an SQL query to create a new table comprising of data and structure identical to that of another table.
A: SQL Query is – SELECT * INTO Table2 FROM Employee;

Q: What are the basic concepts of OOPS?
A: Concepts of OOPS include:

  •  Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism

Q: Explain the concept of data encapsulation?
A: Encapsulation is the concept of hiding data. This hidden data stays restricted to members in a particular class. Various levels of data encapsulation include Public, Protected, Private, Internal and Protected Internal.

Quick tips about this round

It is very easy to crack. Simply master the concepts of computer science engineering and don’t forget to practice mock aptitude tests online. In the technical interview round, I was asked about my college project work also. So, master the basics of object-oriented programming you applied in your project work. Also try to brush up OOPS, Java and HTML basics.

Additionally, I would suggest before appearing for any campus placement interview, study the company’s services and market share thoroughly. If possible, read up on the senior management and leadership team. On the day of the drive, I wore business formals to leave a striking first impression on my interviewer. You may also avoid putting on T shirts, jeans and sports shoes. I reached the venue 15 minutes before time to avoid last minute rush and it paid off.

Infosys HR interview questions I faced and how I answered them

Q: Tell me something about yourself and your family?

A: I was born and brought up in Dehradun itself. I completed my schooling from The Asian School which is affiliated to CBSE board. I managed to secure 90% in my 10th standard and 85% in 12th Science. As you can see in my resume, I am currently pursuing my B. Tech in Computer Science from this college. Being the topper of my class, I was appointed the class representative in this semester. Apart from studies, I love to play basketball. Last year my team won the zonal inter-college basketball tournament. I am also a member of the National Cadet Corps – C Certificate batch, of my college.

Q:What did I enjoy the most about engineering?

A: Well I got to work with new technology, solved puzzles and wrote amazing logic. I also liked the way our faculty taught us, i.e. they gave us ample scope to complete hands on projects. However, the least enjoyable part of my B. Tech tenure was Mechanical Workshop in first year. The lab setup was not very attractive and sometimes equipment kept indoors felt greasy and not very clean.

Q: Why Infosys? Why should we hire you?

A: I will get to work with new technologies under the leadership of talented professionals. Honestly, I aspire to be a talented INFOSCION someday. Also, I am a huge fan of Mr. Narayan Murthy because he is a man of principles and is also one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. Not to forget, I know some college seniors who are well placed at present. All I get to hear from them is praises about the company’s work culture. These are a few reasons why I would like to join Infosys.

Infosys HR personnel have a lot of experience in taking interviews. They will instantly catch you if you bluff. So be real and sound genuine during the interview. If the question is slightly awkward, do not pretend. Hesitation is normal but feel confident from within. Try to give clear answers in short sentences, and do not manipulate your responses. While speaking in English, try not to complete your sentences with Hindi words.

All the best!


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