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Infosys Interview Questions of a Fresher

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Infosys Interview

I had an on campus recruitment drive in my college. Infosys Technologies was the visiting company on Day 1 of the drive. I attended the placement test and eventually cracked the Infosys Interview. I faced two rounds and had to clear both. The first was a pen-and-paper based written round. Questions from reasoning, English and basic Math came in this test. Secondly I had to attend a face-to-face interview with the HR panel on the same day itself. The result declaration process of Infosys is extremely fast and foolproof. They ensured to announce the name within an hour of written test. The offer release cycle is also pretty fast. Within a month of the placement day, Infosys’ offer letter was in my inbox.

Summary of my Infosys interview

I had a pretty smooth placement interview process at Infosys. Below enlisted are some pointers about my Infosys placement test to give you an overview of the entire process.

Name: Vinay Kumar B

Place: Devanagere

Date: 21 Feb 2019

Package offered: 3.6 lakhs per annum

Position: System Engineer Trainee

Rounds: 2

Result: I got selected

Details of my Infosys interview at Devanagere

Infosys is an Indian multinational company. Headquarters of Infosys are in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company provides business consulting as well as information technology and outsourcing services. According to Money Control, in 2019 alone, Infosys rolled out about 8000 offer letters to engineering graduates from colleges across India. However, due to global and domestic slowdown combined with deferrals due to lack of skill set in new age technologies, several of the freshers hired by Infosys in 2019 are on bench. Lets now dive deeper into my Infosys interview experience.

1st Round : Infosys Aptitude Test

There were 3 sections I attempted namely quantitative, logical and verbal. Each section of my Infosys Interview test had a fixed set of questions. The quant section had 10 questions, logical part had 15 questions and verbal section had 40 questions respectively. In order to get qualified, a candidate has to score 50% or above in every section. I actually enjoyed writing the test and my overall experience was positive. The difficulty level was moderate. While attempting Infosys placement paper, you need to have a pre-planned strategy. Try and keep calm always or atleast during the test duration. Most of the answers are already in the MCQ options. So just take some time to solve your questions and mark the answers only when you are confident. However, do not spend more than a minute on each question.

In the verbal reasoning section, I had 40 questions to attempt and the time given to me was 35 minutes. So I had less than a minute per question in this Infosys Interview section. One part also had 2 passages to read! My suggestion would be to skip the passages in the beginning and simply concentrate on the other objective style questions. In the end, you will be left with hardly 5 minutes to solve these 2 passages. Read the smaller passage among the two, understand the same and solve it quickly. For the longest and last passage you will be left with hardly a minute or at max 100 seconds. So skim through the question for keywords only and then answer. This way, you can do justice to every question, atleast I could and also solved one full passage properly. I was able to solve 1-2 questions in the second passage with this strategy and I think both were correct! Eventually, I was able to cross the 50% cut-off margin in the overall section, which was the goal.

2nd Round : Technical & HR Interview

My technical round was all about the skills I had mentioned in my CV. The panel questioned about my final year project, and went into the depths of some parts of my project. Then they asked me a handful few generic questions like ‘Tell me about yourself‘ and ‘Are you willing to relocate?’ The whole idea was not to panic, feel confident from within and answer the questions with ease, even if I had limited knowledge about it. They were checking my articulation and communication skills and I did well I guess.

When you are in a placement interview with the panel, ensure to make sense in every answer that you give. If you are not clear, take a pause, frame your answer in your mind and then speak instead of blabbering pointlessly. I would also recommend you to do some background research about the company’s history, founders, CEO, chairperson, and other important people. Also do some ground work about the company’s current projects and be prepared to ask a few logical questions when you get a chance. Towards the tail end of your interview, let the discussion be more of a conversation than an interview. You will surely earn brownie points for the same.

All the best for your Infosys Interview. Prepare well to crack every single Infosys Interview question with ease. 🙂

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