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Indian Navy Officer

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Name: Kartik Kant Jha

Company : Indian Navy

Role : Officer


Resume: Yes

Application form: No

Group Discussion: Yes

Written test: Yes

5 day interview process was there including physical activities.

Remarks: Application form should be simple and totally written by you in your own language…because interviewer wants someone with heart written statements rather than copy-paste words.

The more you will write in your language…the more you can express about yourself.

Following points should be included in application form:

1) From where you get to know about that company

2) Why do you think that you should be hired by company

Always do research about person who you writing application form/letter,

e.g. HR of company, Technical Head

Don’t fill everything in your application form because interviewer has your resume to know about you.

It should be short, simple to understand and meaningful describing your personality.

The topic of GD during college selection for SSB was….

Is merging of rail budget with Central budget is good or bad?

During SSB interview, it was…2)China-India Relationship….3)GST

Written Test in defense is totally different from others…but if you guys come to know about this….you can easily crack other’s…….

It includes….

1) Aptitude

2) 60 meaning formation from given 60 words having 15 min for each word

3) Situation Reaction Test

4) Views of your parents, teachers, friends n yours about you.

The things went right for me was my confidence and positivity.

Also my newspaper reading habit and open to learn attitude helps me a lot during my interview process not only in Indian Navy but in all other companies.

Things went wrong for me was my overconfidence attitude.

Question I asked to interview panel was….

“Do I need any further improvement?”

Any suggestions/ dos & don’ts/ special preparation tips for your juniors:

To all my juniors, I want to convey following key points:

Make newspaper reading as your daily routine. It has so many benefits for your interview….. like you’ll be in touch to current affairs that in turn will help you during your GD. Also, You’ll be going to know nice words that one speaks in his day to day life which in turn will help you to stand apart from crowd , e.g. onus for responsibility .

Make aptitude solving as daily routine because it is the first step for mostly every company’s recruitment process. No matter how good you are in technical, until n unless you wouldn’t be able to clear , I am sorry to say but you couldn’t be able to express your technical knowledge because you wouldn’t be able to reach to that round.

Never say directly…I don’t know in case you don’t have answer of interviewer questions. Instead say it like….Sir I don’t have knowledge about it right now but will definitely search on it after exiting from this room.

Keep watching videos related to GD.

Last but not least… don’t concentrate on others what they have done. I mean to say no one can cover everything, so don’t get panic after getting that he/she has completed this topic…but I am untouched. Be calm n keep revising what you have done….because interviewer don’t expect you to answer his/her all questions…but expect your ability to tackle situations and your Attitude.

More tips you can get from videos on YouTube.

At last , I wanna say to all my juniors…Never lose your hope…be confident and positive…..and most important… maintain Consistency in your preparation.

ALL THE BEST ☺ To all my juniors.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes