IndiaMart systems engineer placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Feb 09, 2016

Company: IndiaMart

Profile: Systems Engineer

Salary: 4.8 – 8 LPA

Interview Date: Nov 2015

Name: Aarushi Mittal

I wasn’t selected.

There were three rounds of interview.

All the interested students with 80% above were eligible for placement in IndiaMart. The placement process took place in their office in Noida. To get selected in IndiaMart, your fundamentals should be really clear and you should know the reason behind working of them.

All the interested students with 80% above were eligible for placement in IndiaMart. The placement process took place in their office in Noida.

Round1: The first round was written round. There were 6 questions for which code has to be written. The questions were easy. Then there was a MCQ paper with 30 questions on DS, networks and analytical skills. I cleared this round. My first interview lasted for 15-20 minutes. It started with general introduction. Then the interviewer asked about my interests and asked most questions on Database. Fundamentals concepts of DBMS like foreign key, Normalisation were asked. I got shortlisted for second round Interview .

Round2: The second round was very tough. I was asked questions related to all the aspects of Computer Science like Networking, C – pointers, array, Unix, etc. My interviewer mainly focused on internal working of the process – he asked me many times why did you do that, why is it done in this way and why not the other why. The questions never stopped. The interview lasted for more than an hour. I did not clear the second round. To get selected in IndiaMart, your fundamentals should be really clear and you should know the reason behind working of them.

Overall Experience: My overall experience was good. My interviewers in both rounds were nice and did not probe me if I did not know the answer. My second interviewer even gave me right answers if I got them wrong or was not able to give explanation for them. My strategy was to be confident and listen to the questions properly. The interviewer were also giving hints.

Tips to follow while appearing for each round or company : Fundamentals of C, data structures should be clear. Also, you should know how to apply the concepts and try and give the optimized solutions with good reasoning behind them.

Key skills tested in the process: Coding in any language, Data Structures, Unix ,C – pointers, n-d arrays Database

Your motivation for applying: The reviews about the company was mostly positive. There was many projects and different kinds of skills you could work on in the company. Also, IndiaMart offered a good package.


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