Impact of Covid-19 on Campus Placements and Internships

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jun 18, 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to unprecedented times and situations, making the world to stay inside homes. The crisis has impacted the economies to a great extent and also jeopardized job prospects for many, with students community being no exception.  

Firstnaukri reached out to students to understand the impact of the pandemic on their lives, placements and internships opportunities. We also carried out a similar survey with campuses to understand their steps in the wake of the current situation.

Impact on Jobs and Internships

44% students confirm a delay in joining dates, while 9% students have seen their offers been rolled back. Another 33% are still waiting to hear back from employers. A similar impact has been seen in the case of internships. A majority of students have not received any response from companies and some of the offers have been rolled back already. This is making them turn to job portals to look for progressive prospects and take charge of their career. Interestingly, the Covid-19 could not deter the higher studies plans for most students.

Though students are going through an uncertainty, however, over half of them are utilizing this time to boost their skills and getting career ready. Jobs nowadays demand for cognitive skills and competencies making reskilling and upskilling a need of the hour. Updating knowledge and skills to what businesses require now and in future is surely an effective way to prep up for a successful beginning. They are subscribing to online courses and certifications and keeping abreast with the latest developments. The survey found that most of them are also attending virtual classes, while some are making the most of the knowledge material shared by their respective future employers. 

Impact on Company Visits

The crisis further impacted company visits to campuses. Nearly half of the students confirm companies postponing visits, while about one-third of them report cancellation of campus placements. However, there is also a silver lining as some of the leading companies are honoring their commitment and conducting virtual assessments & Interviews which will now soon be the new way of hiring during these times of social distancing. The trend makes it important for students to start preparing for virtual interviews and acquaint themselves with video conferencing tools, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts. Know technology as it is a new way of getting hired.

What do campuses say?

Campuses echo the same sentiments about the pandemic impact on placements for students across 2020 and 2021 batch across campuses. 50% colleges believe it has hurt jobs with salary up to 5 Lacs pa. 50% colleges report a delay in joining dates for more than 40% of the batch, while 40% of 2020 batch remains unplaced in more than half of the campuses. Over two-third companies have postponed their visits to colleges. The situation is no different for the 2021 batch. 50% colleges indicate a drop in salaries and openings. Most campuses believe that the virtual classes is the future pedagogy and are also helping students to prepare for online assessments and interviews.

For more insights, read the full report here.


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