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Common Behavioral Interview Questions For Freshers

/ 11,557 views / in HR Question Answers by FirstNaukri

Believe it or not, behavioral interview questions are very common in fresher job interviews. These questions include the company asking questions about your past internship or project or work experiences only …
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Top Cost Accountant Interview Questions and Answers

/ 1,703 views / in HR Interview Question & Answers by FirstNaukri

Interested to build a career in Cost Accounting? Here is a curated compilation of the latest and most frequently asked Cost Accounting Interview Questions and their Answers. Crack your Cost Accountant interview …
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Telephonic Interview_Face It_Questions_Tips

Telephonic Interview: How to Face It, Questions, Tips, and More

/ 11,481 views / in Career Tools and Advice by FirstNaukri

Telephonic interview coming up? In this blog we have collated some tips, tricks and questions that you need to practice well in advance to ace the much awaited telephonic round. …
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