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How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” HR Interview Question

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Tell me about yourself

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On the fateful campus drive day, college grads and freshers are bound to face an HR Interview Round. In this round, interviewers generally ask some of the most frequently asked HR Interview Questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “Describe yourself”, “Why should we hire you?”, “What are your strengths?” “Why do you want to work here?” “What are your salary expectations?” etc. It is tough to prepare answers to so many questions in advance. In case one’s answers are not ready, now is the best time to start preparing. This article will be a fresher’s best reference as it contains a collated version of well-curated sample answers to the most commonly asked HR Interview Question “Tell me about yourself.”

How to start answering the HR interview question “Tell me about yourself”

There is no exact way to start this answer. But an entire idea for the answer can be broken down into 3 parts, to easily recall valid pointers – introduction, details, and conclusion. For that matter, this question sets the tone for the remaining interview and it’s a golden chance to score maximum points, provided a fresher comes ready.

Answer to “Tell me about yourself” should briefly educate an interviewer about one’s educational background, major achievements, family, city, interests, nature etc. Restrict the answer to 4-6 sentences and not more. Here are some simplistic and logical sample answers to help a fresher tackle the commonly asked HR interview question “Tell me about yourself” with as much uncomplicatedness and ease, as an experienced professional.

Sample Ready-to-Use Answers to the HR Interview Question “Tell me about yourself”

Some job interview questions will certainly come up, one of them being “Tell me something about yourself”.  This question is asked to candidates across streams and degrees in college placement drives. It is asked not only by HR managers, but also by Technical Interviewers. Most fresher candidates start out by reciting their resume which can turn into a long, old and boring monologue. How to keep your answer to the “Tell me about yourself question” relevant and impressive? Read the following sample answers to get a good idea.

“Tell me about yourself” Answer for a B. Tech / BE / M. Tech / ME /M Sc. / B Sc. candidate

“Hi, I am Sanjay and I hail from New Delhi. I am currently doing my B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from PQR Engineering College which is affiliated to XYZ University. My current CGPA is 9/10. I am an alumnus of DPS Indirapuram and I had secured 98% in my CBSE 10th Board Examination. In 12th Science, I opted for PCMB combination and secured 81% marks. I belong to a nuclear family, so it’s just me, Dad and Mom at home. Both my parents are senior Class 1 Officers in BSNL. Personally, I am an outgoing person and love to hand out in a large friend circle. Most of my buddies lovingly call me an ‘animal lover’, yet I am not fond of keeping pets indoors. I feel it’s a cruel practice to isolate poor creatures from their natural habitat for selfish needs like company, safety, personal pleasure and entertainment. That is me in brief. Would you like to know something specific about me?”

“Tell me about yourself” Answer for a B. Com / M. Com / BBA / MBA candidate

“I graduated with a Commerce/Business degree in 2018 as class topper. I have been a meritorious student throughout school and college and easily secured 90% in my 12th Commerce under ISCE Board. During my final year in college, I interned with a hospitality SaaS product company and my mentor was kind enough to offer me an Account Manager’s full-time job that I declined. Despite my fondness of talking to people and managing customer relationships, the hospitality industry didn’t seem appealing. I interned with the firm for a full year and quit after learning a lot. I am keener to join the healthcare industry as I feel my career can reach the next level right here. As a result, I am attending this interview today.”

Quick tips to nail the “Tell me something about yourself” HR interview question

Here are some tips to help you sail through this fresher interview question smoothly.
## Your answer should not stretch beyond 2 minutes.
## In order to do so, practice at home with a stopper.
## Sound convincing as it should appear that you are 100% sure about facts that are related to you.
## Its ok to sound that you have practiced before. This is a common HR interview question and the answer is tricky.
## If it is a telephonic interview, jot down points on a piece of paper.

The idea is to keep the “Tell me about yourself” answer crisp, relevant and pertinent. Being a recent college graduate, freshers are expected to talk less. One needs to add value to their profile through their answer while ensuring that they speak intelligently. Therefore, an ideal “Tell me about yourself” answer must focus on the candidate’s educational details, why they chose a particular major or field of study, what they studied during their UG/PG, and also projects/internships, if any. Speaking a little about life and family is also acceptable. Remember that random impressive facts are never enough to justify one’s standing for the job. Hence, meaty points in a “Tell me about yourself” answer should be added. Readers may feel free to modify the above samples as per their job profile, education and other personal details. Using well prepared answers such as these will surely stun the interviewer in a good way and ensure selection right after the HR interview round. All the best!

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4.00 avg. rating (79% score) - 3 votes
4.00 avg. rating (79% score) - 3 votes

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