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HR Interview Questions-How to answer “What makes you angry?”

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As a fresher, you might face some eerie HR interview questions. One of them will startle you the most, “What makes you angry?”. When your interviewer asks you an anger related interview question, treat it as a stress test. Your answer and your conduct during this interview will determine how you respond to sudden stressful situations within a workplace.

Your response to the HR interview question “What makes you angry” reveals how you handle your personal emotions without letting them affect your performance. This makes any anger related question a behavioral interview question as well. Note that your interviewer simply wants to figure out how you actually behave in real-world situations. Put a structure to your answer mentally and retort once you are 100% sure.

Sample Answer 1 to “What makes you angry?”

Here’s a sample answer any technical graduate can use to convince the interviewer that despite having anger issues, they can make a good addition to the company’s resource pool.

In college, we are mostly on tight deadlines during project submissions and examinations. When I am into something crucial like that, I hate unnecessary roadblocks like in a slow internet connection or a fried power supply! Issues beyond my control like these are things I certainly cannot fix and this makes me angry.”

“I would like to add further that being a coder, I don’t just write logic, but I live my life by logic. Logical thinking always yields better outcomes than impulsive thinking. As a result, my anger subsides quickly when I convince myself that these are situations I cannot control.

what makes you angry

Sample Answer 2 to “What makes you angry?”

Here’s another generic answer to the HR interview question “What makes you angry?”. Feel free to tweak it as per your liking and answer accordingly.

Anger is a human emotion. All of us tend to have emotional outbursts irrespective of whether we are at work or home. I wouldn’t lie that I never get angry as I am no saint and neither are you. Coming to the question, what makes me angry, I can say that any deliberate mistake made by a team member, including me, can agitate me.”

“But being an adult, I surely know how to control my emotions. Let me add that in my college, I am known for being a squabble-mender. I generally help my friends sort out misunderstandings and put negotiable options in place. As a result, I think I am blessed with the power to compose myself within milliseconds of getting angry. I can retract a few steps mentally and resume thinking rationally to search for an immediate solution to the issue at hand. That’s how my anger gets routed into an actionable solution.

Quick tips for freshers to handle the anger interview question smartly

Now that you have read a few sample answers, you will be able to compose your own answer conformably. While doing so, do go through the following pointers to craft a logical answer to the question “What makes you angry”.

## In order to answer smartly, select a situation that does not involve a professor or lecturer. This will make you appear a disgruntled student who will become a problematic employee after joining. Rather mention friends, roommates, juniors and classmates in your examples.
## Avoid spending too much time blaming or attacking someone else. This will not work in your favor.
## Its fine to mention being frustrated by someone’s unprofessional behavior or a difficult situation.
## Try and mention something that will portray you in a good light eventually and not immediately. Justify your anger on a substantial situation with meaty points.
## Briefly mention the situation that agitated you and then move on to the solution. A problem-solving attitude or bent-of-mind is appreciated by every interviewer.
## Do not over exaggerate about you being a calm and professional person. Give subtle hints that you have the capacity to tactfully control your anger.
## A safer option would be to say that you seldom get angry in professional set ups as in your mind you are well aware of the fact that this sort of behavior is inappropriate. And then mention a minor event that agitated you one and how you handled it instantly.

As a fresher, you need to look at the answer to the question “What makes you angry?” from an analytical perspective. Please do not portray that you let emotions dictate your actions at such a juncture. Hope you are clear on how to handle this pressure interview question “What makes you angry?” Similarly approach “What makes you happy?” too.

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5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes
5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes

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