HP Software Developer placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 22, 2017

Your Name :  Ankit Mittal

Company Name for which you applied :  HP

Final result : I wasn’t selected

Job Profile :  Software Developer

Package Offered : Rs.  6 lakhs

Number of rounds :  3

Place where drive was conducted :  Chitkara University, Punjab

Please give detailed description of each Round,  overall experience & Strategy you followed for each round and any other information or tips you think will help future candidates.

HP arrived in Chitkara University, Rajpura for internship cum placement drive. We all were expected to seated in the Rajpura campus for the first round. The first was a mixture or aptitude, technical and coding questions. The level of coding questions was not too tough. I started with the MCQS part i.e. the technical or logical questions that was the first section. The second round consists of analytical as well as English based questions. The third section consists of three coding question. I was able to attempt all the coding questions. Basic test cases were shown and it was written that other hidden test cases will be compiled and run by the team itself. After the first round, all were waiting for the results and interview was one week after the first round.

I was among the 39 short listed students after round one from our college.

We arrived for our turn for the technical interview. Before that there was pre-placement talk for about 15-20 minutes in the technical round questions about the previously made projects were asked and some other questions regarding the work we will be doing and the posts the offering and some other conditions.

Then there was HR round. I was shortlisted for the last round. Around 26 students got selected for the last round and it was general conversation about ourselves.

I waited for the final results for some days after the last round. After a Week or two result was announced and I was not selected. Only 6 out of 26 were selected after the last round.


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