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How To Write A Perfect Fresher Resume

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Freshers have often found it difficult to crack the code of writing a perfect resume. Millions of students and graduate every year find themselves struggling to write a professional resume for their job search. Let alone getting the job, many of them are unable to even get noticed by the recruiters because of their inexperience in writing a professional resume. In this fast-paced competitive world, people who are unable to create an impact are left behind. So here we are today, trying to make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd using Firstnaukri Free Resume Maker.


First things first, be crystal clear on what your resume is all about, who are you targeting and what purpose are you going to serve. The sole purpose of your resume is to provide your details in a way that looks useful to the recruiter. Anyone can design a good resume, but designing a professional resume with the good content is what really matters. You need to decide what is important enough to be put in the resume and what should be avoided. Making a resume as brief and as informative is the very basic skill of resume writing. Here’s when you need the help of a reliable online resume maker.

Firstnaukri Free Resume Maker creates an impressing resume with simple steps:
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Always remember, the resume you are writing is to get a job interview call, and not the job itself. So never mention certain things like the expected salary, working conditions, etc. Leave it for the one-on-one discussion in the interview.

“The recruiter will only look at your resume for 15-20 seconds. Thus, making the resume concise and to the point, is the key.”


Every CV is to be written in a defined format. To make the CV more appealing and informative, you must know the format and different sections that are included.

HEADER – This is the top most section of your CV. The employer is often looking for your identity and the ways to contact you here. Always use a bolder font for your name so that it stands out, and makes it easier to be remembered.

OBJECTIVE – In this section, you need to write the objective that you are seeking to achieve. Always match this objective with the the company’s objective.

EDUCATION – In this section, the employer is looking for the education that you have relieved. Just keep it as simple as possible.

EXPERIENCE – Here comes the tricky part. For most freshers, this section is often left blank, and this is the biggest issue that the recruiter faces. Develop a sense of trust in your employer by letting him know, that this isn’t your first real world job experience (even if it is) with the help of mentioning your college projects, live assignments or any other achievement.

SKILLS – Another extremely important section. For this, step into the employer’s boots for a while. Think what are the skills that he would be looking for. Match those skills with the ones mentioned in the job description.


Here is a list of steps, you must follow to write the CV:

Step 1 – Prepare for everything. Collect all the important documents, your certificates, your achievements and put it in one place. Also make a list of all the things that you want to add in your resume. Doing this will save a lot of time.

Step 2 – Write the header. List all your contact details and your name in bold.
Never write “Resume” on the top.

Step 3 – Plan your objective and write it. Read what the company seeks to achieve in the next five years. List your personal objectives for the next five years. After this match the two and list all the points that are common to both the lists. Always include the position and the function you desire.
For example, “Senior Web Developer in a Software Development Firm” is a good objective.

Step 4 – For the next part, list your educational qualifications. Include specific grades, marks, scholarships, and all your achievements. Convey to the employer that you have more than the basic qualification required for the job. Write the qualifications in a reverse chronological order (the latest on the top). You can also have the education section in a tabular form.

Step 5 – This step is the game changer. Design your experience section. Add all your projects and any sidekicks that you have been a part of. Any internships or volunteer activities, even the events that you organized in your college, should be included. Let the employer know that you have worked before, you are not new in this field. Also mention the time period, and provide a brief description about each project.

Step 6 – The next step is to add skills in your resume. Soft skills and hard skills should be differentiated. The purpose of soft skills is to showcase your personal capability whereas the hard skills depict the occupational skills you have to perform the desired job. Both must be exclusive of each other. Always mention these skills in bullet points.

Step 7 – Add the finishing touches. Make sure that the font size is not more than 12, and the resume doesn’t exceed 2 pages. Also make sure that the resume is well formatted. Look for any grammatical errors. And the finally, save a .PDF format of your resume after naming it right. Always include your name and the word “resume”, in the name of the file.


## Review all your contact information, and make sure they are up to date.
## The employer has been addressed and the employer details mentioned are correct.
## The resume looks good and is well formatted.
## There are no typo and grammatical mistakes in the CV.
## The keywords have been highlighted.
## There is no irrelevant information included in the resume.
## The CV doesn’t exceed two pages.
## There should be no expected salary.

After you have gone through the checklist, you are all set to send this resume to the employer. Just make sure that the E-Mail contains a good subject and the mail is not sent at any odd hour of the day.

You might be unsure about the best resume format for your specific situation. FirstNaukri has a dedicated and free resume maker for different job types. Visit Resume Maker Tool today to get the perfect freshers’ resume.


5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 1 vote