How to Negotiate Salary Via Email for Freshers

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Posted by FirstNaukri Sep 24, 2019
Salary Negotiation Tips

Salary Negotiation Tips

As a fresher, you might wonder ‘Should I negotiate my job offer, even if it’s decent enough?’ Don’t just go with the flow and shy away from bringing up the money talk. Unlike seasoned industry professionals, who are quite direct and upfront when it comes to salary negotiation discussions, you can kick-start this super tricky dialogue with the help of something as simple as a ‘salary negotiation email’. Honestly, it’s not rocket-science to draft this email.

Would negotiating your job offer be a wise step? Even if you are happy?

  • Yes! Certainly there’s room to negotiate your salary.
  • Yes! Negotiating your starting salary would ensure that you get paid what you’re worth.
  • Yes! Negotiating will open the doors to the best opportunity like vacation time, signing bonus and reimbursements.

You may feel that you interviewed pretty well. Moreover, you did not willingly negotiate your salary assuming that you 100% deserved the pay you were offered for the first time. But please remember, this pay structure might be a part of the company’s minimum base pay. What do you do in such a scenario? Instead of crouching away into the darkness, be bold and write a salary negotiation email of-course!

In this article we have compiled some awesomely drafted salary negotiation emails, keeping first-timers and freshers in mind. Feel free to tweak and use any one of the templates listed below.

⚠Word of caution⚠ Let your hiring manager first bring up the topic of money. And please wait until you have an official offer letter to begin the salary negotiation discussion.


Even if you are a fresher, you must get more when you have good qualifications. You should probably negotiate your salary, or suggest a counter offer at this juncture. But how do you draft a reply to an offer letter or a verbal job offer? Here’s what you should say over the email to your hiring manager:

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Dear Recruiter/Hiring Manager,
Thank you for offering me the position of an Assistant System Engineer (Trainee). I would like to say that I am very excited to join your company. Before I can accept your offer, I would like to discuss my compensation and benefits in detail. As we discussed during the face-to-face interview earlier, I have some experience from freelance software development and also a decent amount of formal training, as you can see from my job description. I have further demonstrated my capabilities in my last unpaid internship by delivering optimized code for production patching and personally landed a paid internship from the same company. My stipend was INR 20,000 per month. With my expertise, an acceptable salary would fall in the range of INR 45,000-55,000 per month, a bit higher than your offer of INR 30,000 per month.
I can certainly see a future for myself at your esteemed company, and I’m confident that I can make a positive difference. I know that we can come to a mutual agreement on an acceptable salary plan.
Thank you for your time,
Your Potential Hire


There is a very small time gap between the moment you get a job offer and when you make your counter offer. What ever you write in your email to the recruiter would actually bet your bottom dollar for the entire salary negotiation. Remember, your words in this letter will have a substantial impact on your final compensation. Here’s how you may build your case in the salary negotiation email.


Dear Mr. Recruiter,
Thank you for offering me the position of an Assistant Sales Manager. I’m truly excited and eagerly looking forward to join your esteemed company. Also, I am waiting for a chance to contribute to the business’s greater goal. However, I would like to discuss compensation before I can accept your latest offer. I am happy to say that your company is undoubtedly my first choice, yet I would like to bring into your notice that I have also received other job offers with more compensation. In fact, the highest offer is INR 7 lakh per annum, which is more than your offer. Fringe benefits like a month-long paid holiday, travel reimbursement etc. are also being offered to me. That’s why I am interested to join this company, yet I would happily accept if you could match what the other company is offering. I understand that everything cannot be compensated for, so I am willing to be as flexible as I can for a good solution. Hoping that we can come to a mutual agreement.
Thank you,
Potential Hire


A signing bonus negotiation is not just for leadership, but also for freshers these days! Now that you have successfully engaged in a salary negotiation dialogue at your interview or you have sent out that crucial salary negotiation email, it is time to go for a signing bonus negotiation discussion as well.

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What is a signing bonus?

It is a one-time sum offered on joining a company. This bonus gets credited within the first month along with the first salary. The condition is to pay back this sum, if one decides to leave the organization in less than a year.

Why is a signing bonus offered?

Following are some of the reasons why employers offer signing bonuses:

  • To beat the competition. The more “in demand” you are, the more likely employers are to instigate a signing bonus negotiation with you to win you away from their competition.
  • To skirt internal salary equity practices. If you ask for a salary that is above the upper limit for your prospective level or position, the employer may try to make up the difference by launching a signing bonus negotiation.
  • To compensate you for foregone income. If you would lose an expected bonus or other benefits by leaving your current employer, the hiring organization may try to compensate you by opening up a signing bonus negotiation.


Dear Mr. Recruiter,

Thank you for offering me the Associate Marketing Manager’s position. I am truly excited to begin working for your company.
Before saying a full and final YES, I would like to discuss my compensation. Honestly, I am happy with the offer you have made as it is at par with market standards. However, I am wary of the fact that I would have to wrap up my freelance consulting, as your policy does not support the same. That means I would lose out on one steady source of income which is close to INR 100,000. To make my transition easier, I would request for a signing bonus of INR 90,000 to reduce the gap.
I can certainly see a bright future for myself at your company, and I’m confident that I can add a lot of value to this business. Hoping to come to a mutual agreement on this one.
Thank you,
Potential Hire


  • ✔During the interview, ask for time to consider your job offer
  • ✔Make up your mind to negotiate a low-ball job offer
  • ✔Draft, check and send a standard counter offer email
  • ✔Do not flex too much on your bottom line
  • ✔If possible, disclose other offers to build a strong case
  • ✔Follow up soon afterwards to seal the deal

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Once your counter offer is accepted, here’s what you should say over phone or email, whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied:

“Thank you so much for the revised job offer.” 

You can just respond to the recruiter’s email if you are still dissatisfied and ask for more time by saying:

“Do you mind if I take a day to consider your counter offer and discuss this opportunity with my kinsfolk?”

The response you would get would read like this for sure:

“Sure! I look forward to hearing what you think, and please let me know if you have any questions.”

Hence, negotiate your job offer even if it appears good. Begin the salary negotiation by sending a counter offer email. If the negotiation moves to the phone, try to bring it back to your salary negotiation email trail so that there are no mistakes or misses. Lastly, evaluate your job offer relative to your minimum acceptable salary. Remember to negotiate using standard techniques discussed above, especially if the offer seems low-ball. Use one of the templates from this article in a manner that it suits your situation. After sending the email, if you don’t hear back after a few days, you might want to follow-up. Eventually, it will be time for the crucial Final Discussion, where you would be freezing all the final details of your compensation.

All the best! 🙂


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