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How to justify a CV that has a number of short tenures

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Posted by FirstNaukri Sep 13, 2023

Fresh graduates and young professionals are mostly seen as job hoppers and there is nothing bad about it if as a job seeker you want to explore more job opportunities as per your interests. However, the problem comes when you wish to apply to a new job in your dream company and you want to justify your short job stints. There could be different reasons for short job tenures- you wanted a new position, you didn’t enjoy the work role, the company closed, or anything else.

So, worried about how you should mention short job stints on your CV and what should you do?  Here’s some help!

Here are some useful CV writing tips:

  1. Check the relevance

Although there is no rule that says a specific job tenure to be suitable to include in your resume, but it is always advisable that you should check if adding it would add value to the job you are applying for or not.

Make sure that it looks relevant to the hiring manager by highlighting it as short-term assignments and adding a one-liner description about what you learned from that job.

  1. Focus on results

One thing is clear that recruiters always focus on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on whether adding a number of short job tenures on your resume adds value to it. You can easily ensure this by focusing on highlighting the job results in terms of new skills developed, learning, and achievements.

Leaving all job descriptions in bullets and unexplained will not convey anything to the hiring manager and therefore, needs a proper description of results that can catch recruiters’ attention. Do not wait for a job interview to explain it, rather take this opportunity to clarify everything on your resume for the best results.

  1. Get specific

When mentioning about your results, be specific and list tangible achievements. It can be easily quantifiable measures such as a new sales campaign increased sales volume by 20 percent.

Present your case in an interesting manner that makes you look a smart worker.

  1. Prepare a skill-based CV

Focus on writing a resume that highlights your skills and achievements. With a focus on highlighting these things, short job tenures are easily overlooked by hiring managers. If you are not sure about how you can create a winning resume, take a look at Firstnaukri resume builder tool that helps you do that for free.

So, adding any critical information on your resume is not difficult provided you know the right approach.

All the best!


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