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How to Get Hired Fast: A Fresher’s TCS Interview Experience

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I applied for the job role of Graduate Trainee at TCS via my college’s Placement Office with other classmates. We applied as we met the eligibility criteria of Tata Consultancy Services. The interview registration and filtration process took 2 days. By the end of the second day, my results were declared. I interviewed at Salem and then in TCS Chennai in April 2020 . Below is a summary of my interview.

Summary of my Tata Consultancy Services interview experience

Name: Tamilhariharan A
Company: TCS
Sector: IT / Software
Position: Graduate Trainee
Result: I got selected in this company
Package offered: INR 193000/annum
Place: Salem & Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Rounds: 2
Date of Interview: 05/04/2020

TCS interview process

First I registered with TCS for my placement interview process in the next step portal. After registration, I received a login ID and password to access the portal. By using these credentials, I could login to my profile and track updates about ongoing or future interview processes.

First Round

My TCS interview process took place in Salem. Round 1 was an online test and this round was divided into two parts.

  1. The first part included aptitude, verbal communication, logical reasoning and business english sections.

Second Round

This round comprised of coding interview questions in both subjective and objective formats.

TCS Interview Process in Detail

After clearing the 1st round, TCS called me for a face to face interview in Chennai. They conducted both Technical and HR rounds on the single day and the same set of hiring managers asked me both sets of questions. It was an awesome experience as I faced my panel of three HRs on one table. Each table had an unique number.

After my certificates, background and IDs were verified, I got to enter the seminar room. In the hall there was a projector displaying names and table numbers. After knowing my table number, I entered the interview hall. There were 20+ tables and I approached mine where my designated HR asked questions individually to me.

These were some of the questions I was asked.
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Some Technical questions.
3. Are you comfortable to you in any location?
4. Are you comfortable to work in any shifts?

Interview Advice to Fellow Freshers

Guys don’t be afraid of any round or interviewer stage. Fear will not help you in any situation. Try to be bold and positive and approach the rounds confidently. You will be tested on basic Technical knowledge like oops concepts. If your communication is good then don’t worry. Please enhance your communication skills for cracking the HR interview round. And finally be true to yourself and honest with the interviewer. Also show original marks and certificates. Thank you for reading my post and all the best for your interviews.

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