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How to Get a Job as a Fresher in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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If you are looking forward to getting your career started this year, finding new job opportunities during COVID-19 is not going to be the same game.

The pandemic has certainly resulted in the job market to be more competitive and fierce. Therefore, this is the time you need to pull up your socks and start preparing in the right direction with some useful job search tips that will help you score a lucrative job.

Here are some useful tips to get a job as a fresher:

Develop the required skillset

As a fresher, you may not have much relevant work experience. Internship during college would have definitely helped you to develop some new skills but that is not all. Now is the time you need to get brownie points to outshine in the competitive scenario. The best way to do it is by learning some new courses that can add value to your CV.

Remember, the right skills and competencies help you to catch recruiters’ attention easily. Identify the skills that are much in-demand in your industry and take up online courses to hone your skills.

Work on your resume

You need to build a powerful resume that makes you look a potential candidate for recruiters. Writing a winning resume is one of the most important job search tips for freshers as it is your first point of contact with any hiring manager.

Use your CV to highlight your skills, knowledge, and accomplishments that make you a perfect fit for the job opening. Don’t hesitate to share your achievements related to short-term projects you have completed during your college. Take this opportunity to add relevant information to your resume.

Also, it is imperative to customize your resume for each job opening and avoid sending the same document to every recruiter. Every hiring manager has different requirements and interests. Read the job description carefully and add some relevant keywords to strengthen your resume quality.

Practice several mock interviews

Utilize the time in your hand to prepare for virtual job interviews, which is now the new normal. In the current situation, recruiters are conducting online interviews instead of traditional face-to-face interviews.

Try and understand some do’s and don’ts of virtual interviews and practice with your friends or family members to give it your best shot. This will give you an idea about how to perform in an online interview confidently.

Apply to relevant job opportunities

Many freshers feel that the more number of jobs they apply, the better. However, this is not apt when you are searching for job opportunities during COVID-19. It is important to maintain a focused job search strategy and avoid randomly applying to any job.

The chances of getting shortlisted increase if you apply to relevant job opportunities that match your skillset and knowledge. Therefore, do not waste your efforts in applying to any job that comes your way.

Build a strong network

Keep in touch with your friends to discover new job opportunities.  Networking helps you to reach out to more people and get information about the available job opportunities. Many companies prefer employee referrals to hire people for specific roles. Therefore, you can also mention 2-3 referrals at the end of your resume to build credibility.

Even if COVID-19 has slowed down the hiring process, companies are hiring for different roles at present. Therefore, it is important to keep your job search active and prepare in advance to crack a job interview.

All the best!

5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes
5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes

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