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How to find a job during the current crisis?

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Undoubtedly, the pandemic has wreaked a havoc on the economy. Businesses and industries are widely affected across the globe. These are highly unprecedented times, however, keep your motivation high that will get you through this challenging time.

Think about what you can do today instead of what will happen! If you’re among those who have just begun the corporate journey, here are tips that will help you to ensure a successful job search.

Focus on quality over quantity

Many a times, freshers tend to apply to 5-7 jobs in a row without even looking at the job description. That’s one of the mistakes that can lead to rejection. At times, the title of the job may match your profile but not the actual requirement. Always read the job description to understand if the said requirements match your job profile or not. If it does not, there is no point to apply to it else you will have to face the rejection unnecessarily. Therefore focus on applying to fewer but relevant jobs openings. Don’t spread your profile thin by applying anywhere and everywhere in the job market.

Do a careful selection of jobs

When there is a scarcity of jobs, you must target the industries that are growing. Do not join anywhere in a haste for the mere sake of joining. This way, you are doing more harm to your career than any good. Look at the organizations or companies that have robust financials, string vision and bright growth plans. For example, there is a growing boom in the Edtech, Fintech and Healthtech space right now. Education technology players continue to hire and show growth currently.

Tailor your CV

One approach does not fit all. Likewise, try to not to use the same CV or resume for all the jobs. Once you have identifies some potential roles for yourself, customize your CV accordingly. Go through the job description, according to the skills that are required. Understand these and revamp your CV to highlight the points that are relevant for the role and match your skill set.

Preparation is the key

Suppose the opportunity knocks on your door and you are not prepared! Don’t let such a situation come at all. Stay prepared for the interview. Since everyone is practicing social distancing, virtual job interviews have become a regular thing. There are certain things you must know about any virtual job interview. Know the following by heart:

  • Understand how the video conferencing tools like Google Meet, MS Teams, Skype or Zoom work
  • How you should carry yourself before hiring managers during an online interview
  • Lighting in the room
  • Camera setting

Additionally you must know the following a day before the interview.

  • About the company profile, its vision, its growth chart, etc.
  • About the interviewer’s profile
  • About the job profile and requirements

You can now prepare for some common job interview questions with Firstnaukri PIQA, an AI enabled tool that offers you customized answers basis your profile.                             

Step out of your comfort zone

Finally yet most importantly, step out of your comfort zone. Be flexible to not to switch industries, if required, also be ready to switch geographies. You may want to go to cities which have jobs or have shown considerable talent demand in the recent times. Similarly, you may specialize in sales. Now, create more opportunities for yourself by trying other related roles like digital marketing, analytics, etc. Learn related skills with the help of some online courses that offer certification.

5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes
5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 2 votes

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