How to create a great first job resume

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jul 05, 2021

Freshers often feel stuck while creating a first job resume as they don’t have any work experience to show. Don’t worry! As a fresher, you can talk about many more things that will help you to create a professional resume.

  1. First most, select a resume format

A format serves as a wire frame for your resume. It gives you a direction to what you can add and sets the flow of the conversation. Any resume without a format looks like a complete mess. Some commonly used resume templates are: chronological, functional, and hybrid.

A chronological resume lists a candidate’s work experience in reverse-chronological order, whereas a functional resume highlights the candidate’s skills and achievements, rather than work experience. And a hybrid resume is a mix of both chronological and functional resume.

A functional resume format is a good option for freshers as it emphasizes on skills than career progression. 

  • Add name and contact details

The top of your resume should display your name and contact details; preferably your house address, your phone number and email ID. Always ensure to use a professional sounding email address. Avoid adding your date of birth, family status, personal interests etc. as this does not pertain to your qualifications for a position.

  • Now add your career objective

A nicely written career objective can help you communicate about your specialization as well as career goals. It is more of a gist of your resume that sums up about you as a professional and can play a huge role in convincing the hiring manager to read further.

Example: “Looking for a challenging role in a reputed organization that can help me leverage my engineering skills as well as strengthen my knowledge. I am willing to explore a wide variety of prospects that can help me gain perspective.”

  • Add about internship/projects

This is the most important section for recruiters as it determines whether your experience or accomplishments match their job requirements or not. Prepare this section very carefully. Start with your internship, if any or mention about your projects during the academic years. While adding the details, ensure to talk about your competence. This is your chance to sell your skills. So don’t miss out on any necessary details.

Each project should have its own heading and subheading and the following information:

  • Company
  • Job Location
  • Job Title
  • Start and end dates

Example: XYZ Ltd. | Nariman Point, Mumbai | Marketing Intern | 04/2021 – Present

  • Add about education qualification

This is another most important section for freshers with no work experience. Your education plays a key role in convincing recruiters that you can succeed on the job by showing your academic excellence. First add the name of the School/College/University followed by mentioning the degree and the years attended. List scores and notable achievements. Always keep the information in reverse chronological order i.e. first list your highest qualification followed by the others.


  • Postgraduate Degree <Specialization> from <Name of the University/Institute>, <Place> with (CGPA/ percentage) (if applicable)
  • Undergraduate Degree <Specialization> from <Name of the University/Institute>, <Place> with (CGPA/ percentage) (if applicable)
  • Intermediate from <Name of the School>, affiliated to <Name of the Board> in <Year> with <percentage/CGPA>
  • High School from <Name of the School>, affiliated to <Name of the Board> in <Year> with <percentage/CGPA>
  • Make a note of skills and achievements

Create a list of skills that will make a nice fit for your resume. Include the ones that you consider as your professional strengths. If you’re unsure about the skills to show, consider your past projects at the college. What did your mentors or teachers tell you? Did you ever receive any award or accolade in any specific area? If yes, what were the skills that helped you achieve that recognition? What are your personal talents? The answers to all these questions will help you come up with some key skills to show in your resume.

Some examples of skills include Interpersonal Communication, Creative Writing, Excellent Collaboration, Active Listening, Fluency in Coding Languages, Problem-Solving, etc.

And you are done with your resume now.

You can also try Firstnaukri Resume Maker to build your resume fast and easy.  Just fill in your details, choose a template and get your resume in just minutes. Industry wise templates available. No watermark. You can also download the resume in a PDF format.


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