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How to cope up with interview stress?

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Being anxious about an upcoming interview is normal and happens with almost everyone, not just freshers! However, don’t let this anxiety take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Don’t overthink about what will happen in the interview. There are certain tips that you must check and implement to increase your chances of success in the job interview and cut down on stress.  

Before the interview

  1. Advance preparation: Avoid last minute preparations. Stay ready in advance. Know what you have mentioned in your CV. Don’t forget to mention about your certifications neither in the CV nor while sharing about yourself with the interviewer. Given the current situation, if you are appearing for a virtual interview, ensure to check the technology and internet connection. Choose a place that has no disturbance.

2. Know the profile well: Read the job description properly. See what is expected of you and do research about the company as well. Do not leave any stone unturned. When you have the confidence that you have prepared well, your stress will automatically go away.

3. Practice mock interviews: As a fresher, it might be your first job interview interaction and therefore giving you chills. Conduct as many mock interviews as you want to till the time you gain the confidence. The more you practise, the more you will get into the right flow. Ask friends to help you with the mock interviews.

4. Practice common interview questions and answers: there are certain interview questions that you can predict before as they are the most common in nature and are generally asked. This is why they are also called as frequently asked questions. You can be asked to share about yourself, strengths, weaknesses or about your career goals or why do you want to join their company. These questions may look easy but are tricky. Understand the hiring manager’s purpose of asking these questions and prepare your answers accordingly.

You can prepare with Firstnaukri’s PIQA, an online tool that offers readymade smart and personalized answers to most common interview questions. It works on artificial intelligence and fetches the information from your profile and offer downloadable interview answers in less than 5 minutes. Plus, it is free of cost.

5. Avoid negative thoughts: Largely, interview stress is self-created and often is a result of our own assumptions that we make about the process and interviewer.  Think about the outcome if you will convert all your negative thoughts into the positive ones. Negative thoughts only result in unnecessary stress. Rather, focus on success. Tell yourself that you are geared up for success and will count this interview as your learning experience.

After the interview

If you are done with an interview, congratulate yourself! What matters most is your confidence which you just showed while appearing for the interview. It is natural for you to think about whether you will be selected or not, however, don’t keep thinking about it all day else it will become stressful for you.

This article offers you quick tips to cope up with interview stress:

  1. Don’t overthink: After you have given the job interview now, keep yourself away from questions like ‘Whether I presented myself well?’ ‘Will they consider for this role?’ or ‘Have I failed?’ or “I just messed up that answer.” You have given the best to your abilities and will get the result soon. Overthinking will not give you the immediate results.
  2. Acknowledge yourself: Celebrate the fact that you have now taken the right steps towards building your career. And appearing for interviews will only take you closer to your professional objectives and get your journey started.

On the other hand, always remember that you have just taken your first step as a fresher. There will be numerous opportunities that will your way. Even if you don’t get this job, consider it as a learning experience than losing morale and move forward to the next opportunity.

We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

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