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How to Answer the Interview Question- “Why are you looking for a job change?”

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One of the most critical interview questions that interviewers ask job seekers is, “Why are you looking for a job change?” This interview question can also be asked in a different style such as:

“Why do you want to leave your current job?”

“Why you want to switch your job?”

Hiring managers are always curious to ask this challenging interview question as a part of the final selection process. Therefore, to help you ace this HR interview question, let’s first understand why hiring managers ask this.

Why Interviewers Ask this Question?

Every question a hiring manager asks during the interview has something to do with figuring out if you are a right candidate for the job. This particular question helps hiring managers to know the reasons you are willing to leave your current job. Do you have the desire to grow or you want to quit due to your workplace challenges, or any other reasons that are not much welcomed by recruiters.

Therefore, we suggest you to practice this interview question beforehand and win the show!

How You Should Respond?

The best way to answer the interview question, “Why are you looking for a job change?” is to focus on positive reasons that are easy to explain. Giving negative responses such as a nagging boss or work pressure should be avoided at any cost.        

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 Positive Responses:

Sharing positive responses like willingness to find a better opportunity, new challenging roles and career growth are acceptable by hiring managers. These reasons show that you are focused on your career plan and growth instead of just looking out to leave a bad work situation.

  • Willingness to develop new skills
  • Need to relocate
  • Plan to learn, grow and explore new opportunities
  • Desire to get more new responsibilities and job role

Negative Responses:

According to several surveys, one of the common reasons why many professionals leave their current job is because of a bad supervisor. This can definitely be true for you, but sharing reasons like a bad boss, long work hours, low salary and biased promotions should not be shared with a hiring manager. Although there is no problem in aiming for a higher salary, however, stating a low salary as a key reason for your job change will show your instability in the new company.

If you say unfavorable things about your previous organization or bosses in a job interview, there will be no assurance for the hiring manager that you will not crib about any such issues in the future also and again leave the new company. So, here are some possible reasons you should avoid sharing at any cost:

    • Do not like the company and its people
    • Want to earn more
    • Do not like the job
    • Do not like the long work hours

Therefore, stay positive in your response when answering this important interview question. Start by mentioning what you like about the new company and how you plan to see these things in your new organization. Also, sharing something from the new job role and responsibilities offered, you can tell the hiring manager how exciting you find these responsibilities and want to be a part of it.

Here are some winning sample answers for the interview question, “Why are you looking for a job change?” You can use the below mentioned ideas and create a customized answer as per your requirement:

Sample 1: I am willing to learn more about (mention a skill or task the new job includes. I’m sure this job will give me an opportunity to develop new skills and also leverage my current skills and expertise…

Sample 2: I am looking out for an opportunity that allows me to work on interesting as well as challenging projects. Since this company is known for launching new products and services every year, I would like to be a part of the company and learn more…

Sample 3: My skills and qualifications seem to be a perfect match with the job requirements of your company. Therefore, this presents the right time for me to upgrade my skills and gain more exposure in a new industry your company is involved in…

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