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How to answer interview question: ‘What do you know about our company?’

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‘What do you know about our company?’ is one of the most important interview questions you may face in your job interview. This interview question can come to you in any of these forms mostly in the beginning of the conversation:

## What do you know about us?
## What do you know about our company?
## What do you know about the company?

The idea of asking this interview question is not that the hiring manager wants to be flattered with some sugar-coated answers that talk all good about the company. Hiring managers mostly ask this interview question to find out:

## Do you have an awareness and knowledge about the company you wish to work with?

## Have you researched before applying to the job?

## Do you have a passion and seriousness for your career and you care to devote some time for research?

No recruiter would be interested to hire a person who doesn’t know anything about the organization and applies to any job randomly.

Now when you have understood why do hiring managers ask this interview question, ‘What do you know about our company?’ the next step is to prepare for it.

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How to go about the interview question – ‘What do you know about us?’

Preparation is the key to answering this interview question smartly. Doing proper research about the company is the best way to demonstrate that you are serious, well-informed and interested in the job opening. Remember, a candidate is selected not only on the basis of his qualification and work experience but also how well he/she fits in the company’s culture and understands its operations.

Tips to research about the company:

## Start by researching some basic information about the company online.

## Visit the company’s website to read ‘About Us’, its mission-vision, history, values, achievements, products & services, clients, and key people.

## Check social presence on popular platforms such as LinkedIn to get a better understanding of any latest updates about the company.

## Search more company related news on Google News.

Once you have gathered all the key information that makes you feel confident for talking about the company in front of the hiring manager, make your short notes to remember them before the interview.

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Sample answer for the interview question

Practicing your answer makes you confident to avoid any mess in the interview. Although, there can be no standard answer for this question as it entirely depends on the information that you have gathered, however, reading these samples will certainly make you understand how to go ahead with answering this interview question.

Sample interview answer #1:

“Well, XYZ is one of the fastest growing startups in the hotel industry in India today. Although recently founded in the year 2014, the company’s success stories recently published on LinkedIn and various other press releases are just commendable. I have also read the company’s ‘about us’ on the official website and it’s great to know how quickly you have expanded to other locations in less than five years. I am curious to be a part of such a growing company and learn more.”

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Sample interview answer #2:

“ABC Ltd. is one of the leading real estate companies in India. The company believes in delivering the best to its customers and has recently acquired XYZ company. I have also read that the company invests a lot on its people’s learning, growth, and development every year and this is the reason it has been recently recognized as the best employer in the year 20XX in latest news. It would be a pleasure for me to be a part of this esteemed organization.”

Bottom Line

By being completely prepared with an answer, you can ace this important interview question and impress the hiring manager to hire you.

Moreover, doing some research about the company you are appearing for an interview not only helps you to ace the interview, but also prepares you to ask the right questions to hiring manager at the end of the interview.

So go ahead and give an impressive answer for ‘what do you know about us?’

All the best!

4.50 avg. rating (87% score) - 2 votes