How to Answer ‘What Are Your Hobbies?’ HR Interview Question

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In a job interview, freshers and professionals might come across one of the most commonly asked HR interview question –  ‘What are your hobbies?’. This HR interview question like ‘Tell me about yourself’ or ‘Why do you want this job?’ might seem dull and boring, but an interviewer has a solid strategy behind it. A candidate’s answer reveals all about his or her communication skills, behavioral traits and nature. That calls for a short, crisp yet personalized and perfect answer.

This article highlights some sample answers for you to go through. Now, you can also create your own unique job interview question answers basis your profile using our first of its kind tool – PIQA, that includes your most relevant details in every answer to make it personalized.

what are your hobbies

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What is a hobby? A regular activity or a favorite pastime, usually done for fun. Some people make money out of their hobbies! For instance, wildlife and wedding photography or contributing articles to the newspaper can be money spinning pastimes. But that does not necessitate every hobby to bring in monetary benefits. A hobby as simple as voluntary work can also look great on a fresher’s resume. Teaching down trodden kids during weekends as a part of the ‘Robin Hood Army’ for instance is an achievement in itself. So is planting trees or even taking part in the #trashtag challenge!

🚫 So, how not to answer the question “What are your hobbies and interests?”

The following answers will hardly add any points in your favor. Besides, they are not great hobbies to brag about.
## “I’m very sorry, I’m not sure I have any hobbies.”
## “I love to collect books but hardly read any of them.”
## “I am a foodie!”
## “I party with my buddies every Saturday night.”
## “I love to watch movies with my friends.”
## “I am a PUBG XP level 28 player.”
## “I like to Netflix and chill!”

Unsure about certain hobbies and interests? Here a few things to remember:
## Mention a common hobby or interests that seems ‘acceptable’ to your friends and family.
## Some hobbies worth including are sports, music, dance, art, blogging, and reading.
## Avoid speaking too much about your hobby if you are unsure. Wrap up your answer in 2 sentences.

How to answer the question “What are your hobbies?”

For most candidates, it is simple to list down education and skill details. When it comes to speaking about one’s interests or pastimes on paper, the task becomes daunting. In order to ease the exercise, here are some extremely relevant sample answers to be used as a bait to trap a first job!

Sample Answer 1: For any fresher (non-technical or technical)

“I am a sports addict and just love playing any sport. But basketball has been my all-time favorite. I wouldn’t boast of my skills in the game, but I am the captain of my college’s team. During my school days, I was a team member of the district basketball team. I am sure that if situation permits, I will continue playing basketball even after college, even if I relocate to some other city or country. It is not just my hobby, but something that’s close to my heart. Had engineering not been my first passion, I am sure I would have taken up this game as a full-time profession. Besides, there are certain plus points of the game. As I keep practicing constantly and indulge in weekly-matches, all the workout sort of helps me stay fit and focus better at all other tasks like studying and driving. So, I would definitely count basketball as my hobby.”

Sample Answer 2: For an automobile engineer

“I like to design cars on my own through a software. Here are some samples I have created. flash some design print outs. I also like to collect scale models of cars and motorbikes. Additionally, I like to read and collect both recent and aged car magazines. Thanks to my dad and older brother, I have close to 185 magazine issues of Autocar, Overdrive and Top gear. Recently, me and my friends who are also my batchmates in Automobile Engineering, have assembled a car. We have designed many parts like chassis, wishbone, brake disc etc. of the car from scratch and I can take you through it if time permits. It also has a functioning engine with direct fuel injection. Maximum speed of the car is close is 45 km/hr.”

Sample Answer 3: For a commerce graduate

“Since my childhood, I have always loved to collect currency notes and coins. Numismatics is a fancy name of this hobby. Till date I have built a collection of more than 5000 coins in 8 years. I place them on top of each other to build structures, like Lego. But trust me this is far more complicated and interesting than a Lego puzzle. I follow some hobby enthusiast online who have successfully built far more complicated structures with coins and the end result is always extremely beautiful and satisfying. I do have a Pinterest handle showcasing my works and someday I would like them to go viral over the internet. For now, it’s just the pictures that I have.”

Sample Answer 4: For a computer science engineer (budding programmer)

“Honestly speaking, I am a puzzle person. As of date, I am into speed cubing. It means, I like to solve various types of Rubik’s cubes and other puzzles within a time limit. I also love to solve Su-do-ku puzzles during train journeys. But most importantly, I am into programming puzzles in 10 languages on which I spend at least an hour daily. In order to polish my skills, I have taken up the onus of conducting and arranging hackathons for my batch and for my juniors in the Computer Science Engineering department of my college. My friends call me Puzzle-man because of my hobby.”

Sample Answer 5: For an arts graduate (BA, MA, etc.)

“My hobby is to try various activities. As a matter of fact, I have 5 low-cost hobbies, low-cost because now I am a student and I cannot afford my hobbies to burn a hole in my pocket. These are writing, cooking, bird-watching, photography with my phone and learning new languages. I have taught myself to speak in Spanish and German thanks to numerous YouTube videos, Google translate and Duolingo app. Also, I love to maintain an online journal about my bird watching sojourns with images that I click myself. If things go well and I spot an unknown bird in this part of the country, I hope I will become known in the local ornithology community. Being an M.Sc zoology student, I feel this hobby is constantly adding value to my profile. As I already mentioned, I love cooking too. Despite being a vegetarian, I think I bake some of the best egg-less cakes in my locality. 😊”

Sample Answer 6: For a management graduate (BBA, MBA)

“To be honest, I am yet to figure out a single hobby. If doing something that gives me immense pleasure is the definition of a ‘hobby’, I would be glad to say that I have many. I have used some of them to make money too. The list would include teaching school kids in my neighborhood, writing articles and getting them published, motivating others through pep talks, having prolonged debates on politics with friends and my dad, playing cricket for hours after dark, tending to plants, taking my pet for a walk etc. Weird. But true. Even though people see me as a simple person, I always say that ‘complicated’ is my second name.”

Sample Answer 7: For a hotel management graduate

“I am a home coffee brewer. I buy coffee beans from the local wholesale market or from Coorg where I visit my paternal grandparents. I store these beans in a cool dry place for months at home and consume them slowly. I love to grind my own beans for a cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning before college. This habit of mine is contagious as my entire family has started sipping on black freshly brewed coffee without milk or sugar, only if I make it for them. Hence I proudly claim that I am a home coffee brewer and plan to have my own coffee plantation one day. As of now, I buy coffee beans, grind them and pack them in handmade paper boxes as gifts for all near and dear ones. They just love the concept, but it’s still at a nascent stage. To make interesting coffee packages, I am learning the Japanese art of origami too as I would like to scale this hobby into a side business too.”

Sample Answer 8: For freshers with a degree in literature

“I love reading novels and I happily admit that I am addicted to reading. I read while travelling to college in the cab and before sleeping daily. Basically, whenever I am alone and wide awake, I turn a few pages even if it is only for a few minutes. So, you will always find a few books in my bag and you should see my room which is more of a library. My favorite genres include crime fiction and fan fiction books. But I am also into non-fiction, especially autobiographies, self-help books or any best seller that I can lay my hands onto. Every year since my childhood, I have visited the Delhi book fair without fail as it is my most favorite event in the national capital for obvious reasons! Reading relaxes me just like meditation or yoga relaxes others, and it also helps me think more creatively. I am looking forward to join your company because of the Book Lover’s Club you have unlike most companies as well as the Toastmaster’s club you have on-board. Did I forget to mention? I am also an orator and have won several accolades at competitions.”

Sample Answer 9: For a fresher with interest in sports

“One of my hobbies is playing club sports. I am currently enrolled as a player on the local football team. While warming up, I also play hockey and volleyball with my team. Playing sports is my favorite pastime and my hobby because it’s not just the games I love, but also the socializing part that comes with it. I love to meet new people and go to new places for tournaments.”

Sample Answer 10: For a fresher with interest in travel and pets

“I love being outdoors with my pet dog Bruno, an Australian Shepherd. We are travel buddies and I only visit hotels and take flights that allow dogs on board. I love to go hiking and so does Bruno. In the past 2 years, me and my friends who also have pets, have gone for several camping trips to hilly areas together. Going out and wandering about in the wilderness with my canine friends gives me immense satisfaction that words cannot describe. It’s not just a hobby, but a passion which keeps me going. Besides. being outside is a great way to de-stress and rekindle my senses. Also, camping is a great way to spend quality time with my friends and family, away from the pollution and hustle-bustle of city life.”

💡 What hobbies and interests should be included in an answer or a fresher resume?

Here are some hobbies and interest examples to include in a fresher resume or CV. Refer this fresher resume format to include a hobby in the CV.

## Technology graduates: Technology degree or diploma students can mention coding or programming as a hobby if the interview is for a technology job or internship.
## Arts graduates: Mention fashion, Bollywood and beauty blogging if the interview is for journalism or copy-writing positions.
## Sports enthusiasts: Players can mention sports and conditioning training, if the interview is that of a personal trainer, gym master or any job related to sport. For instance, those applying for sports quota jobs in government sector can also include this point.
## Management graduates: BBA/MBA freshers can throw light on how they head a club, society or body at college or in the neighborhood. This will add points to their leadership quality bucket for management positions or a future managerial role.
## Strategic position aspirants: Strategic games and a knack to solve puzzles like chess or the Rubik’s cube are great mentions for developers and first time Managers.
## Teaching graduates: Prospective and trainee teachers can mention mentoring, coaching, and tutoring as a pastime. Even human resource graduates can mention the same, provided the role includes training as a requirement.
## Core branch graduates: Engineering core branch graduates can mention model making and DIY projects as their hobbies.
## Hotel management students: Hospitality and travel industry job applicants can mention cooking and baking as a hobby.
## Life science graduates: Life science degree holders can mention gardening or looking after pets as a hobby. Aquarium keepers can mention the same too.

💡 Quick tips: If a freelance assignment or project work concerning a hobby is in progress, please mention the same. Carry photos of samples or pdf files (if any) to earn instant bonus points. These are proof that you take something as simple as a hobby seriously!

Hope this article will help freshers across India crack the tricky HR interview question “What are your hobbies?” with ease. Remember to stay genuine, try not to exaggerate and speak to the point. All the best.

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