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How To Answer- ‘How Did You Hear About This Job?’

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How To Answer 'How Did You Hear About This Job'

Shortly after “Tell me about yourself” and long before “What are your salary expectations?“, one question asked by every interviewer for sure is “How did you hear about us?” or, “How did you hear about this position/job?” They want to hear only a specific reply and nothing else to this question. How prepared are you to clearly mention the source of your information?

In case you are not ready to tackle this HR interview question yet on how you heard about the job role, it might give your interview a poor start. In a worst case scenario, your poorly articulated answer would possibly cost you the much awaited job offer.

How Did You Hear About This Job

How Did You Hear About This Job Position

After all, first impressions count and employers ask particularly this question pretty early.

So in this article, lets dive into how to answer, “how did you hear about us?” We will also read some sample answers, do’s and don’ts and much more.

Let’s get started…

How to Answer the ‘How Did You Hear About This Position’ Interview Question

Appear excited

Your future employer wants you to be passionate about the work you are about to perform. You are expected to be self-motivated and invested in the job everyday. So, irrespective of where or how you heard about this job opening, try and be explicit about what caught your eye about the position. Describe about yourself and your intent carefully.

Also, explain why you are interviewing for the post, what made you decide to apply for this position and why should they hire you. This would show a potential employer that you have actively looked around for this role as a viable career opportunity and that you have put a great deal of thought into why you want this job. So mark your major pointers and answer accordingly.

Do some name-dropping

Heard about the employment opportunity from someone influential or who already works in the company? Drop their name! Your connection’s name is a proof that you already have strong professional contacts! Also, it is a proof that you took an initiative to network in the company before joining.

Don’t be vague

While answering “How did you hear about this position?”, do not give vague one word answers. Act excited when you are asked this questions as if the opportunity to answer it was what you were waiting for.

In case you cannot remember where you came across the job, speak up the truth! It is fine! Don’t make up a story as even an iota of dishonesty while answering this interview question can backfire any moment.

Answering “How Did You Hear About Us?” – Sample Answers

  1. I was looking actively for jobs and found it on a job board. I saw it on a career website. I saw this opening while searching for jobs on job portals or on Google. That is how I first saw this job.
  2. I have a colleague or friend in a company who suggested me to apply for the same. They just mentioned that you were hiring.
  3. I have a colleague or friend who doesn’t work in your company right now, but heard that you were hiring and suggested me to apply.
  4. I read an article or a press release, or saw a news piece on a trusted source saying that you were hiring.
  5. I read an article or a news source that made me interested in your company in general, so I decided to look for job openings with you. Hence I applied and I am here.
  6. I was contacted by a recruiter who put me in touch with your company or made me aware of this company.
  7. I was visiting your company’s website for another reason and saw the “Careers” page and this job was listed on it.
  8. I like this company in general and went to the website “Careers” page specifically to look for a job opening because I’d like to work for you.
  9. I saw an advertisement for a job opening (on Naukri, Firstnaukri, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  10. I was familiar with your company via a previous work experience (for example, if they were a competitor of mine in a previous job or if I interned with them once).

Mistakes to avoid while answering “How did you hear about us or this job” interview question

  1. Avoid saying that you are unsure or don’t remember the source. This will make you seem disorganized when it comes to your job search. This might make it harder for you to get hired.
  2. Avoid speaking out things which might make it sound like you apply to every job you come across. This will only show your desperation as a job seeker who lacks passion and simply wants to get an offer letter.
  3. Do not lie for you could get you caught. If you did not see this opening on a job board, please avoid saying you saw it on a job board. Be truthful.

Points to emphasize in your answer to “Where did you hear about us or this job”

  1. State the job’s source from which you heard of the position clearly
  2. No need to elaborate in detail. Just mention the name of the individual, company or resource
  3. Talk about the aspects that drew you to the position
  4. State reasons why you feel you are qualified for the job
  5. Show your enthusiasm about the possibility of joining the job

Additional read

After you are sorted with the questions “Where did you hear about this job?” it is probably time to face more HR interview question such as “Where do you see yourself 3 years from now.” Once this question is sorted, get set to face the final whopper – “Do you have any questions for me?” In order to handle the same, here are some best tips on questions to ask in an interview to your interviewer.

All the best!

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