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Hitachi Consulting Pune – Interview of a Fresher

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Hitachi Consulting Interview

I attended my first campus placment drive for Hitachi Consulting Pune. It was conducted in my college campus itself. I applied through my placement cell which took the help of and my CV got shortlisted due to my decent academic track record. The interview process of Hitachi Consulting Pune took an entire day and was a little tiring. Difficulty level of the interview was moderate. I attended about 4 rounds with the first one being a written technical round (online). It was followed by a technical interview and a plain HR interview after which I had a telephonic test. When I was asked about my pay expectations, I communicated the same clearly and it seemed Hitachi Consulting Pune was fine with my salary expectations. I am still waiting for my result.

hitachi consulting pune interview

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Summary of my Hitachi Consulting Pune interview

Below highlighted is a summary of my complete Hitachi Consulting Pune interview experience. As I mentioned earlier, it was conducted at DY Patil College of Engineering in Pune, Maharashtra.

Place: D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi, Pune

Company: Hitachi Consulting Pune

Role: Consultant

Package: 6.5 LPA

Rounds: 4

Name: Atharv Chitre

Date of drive: 22 June 2019

Result: Awaited

My Hitachi Consulting (Pune) Interview Experience In Detail

Before the Hitachi interview

First of all, we were asked to undergo the registration process sharp at 9 am. After the registration process was done, they asked for our personal details. We had to submit supporting documents and copies of the same. Then we were asked to head to the computer labs of D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi, Pune. Hitachi Consultancy had organized a setup to conduct the placement test.

During my Hitachi Consulting Pune interview

We were asked to login with our name and pre-designated passwords for the aptitude test.  In the test module, we again had to fill up forms pertaining to our complete details like family background, educational qualifications etc. After I hit the submit button, I got automatically logged into the online (written) test.

The test comprised of both aptitude and technical questions. If you are well versed in Maths, Business English and numerical data crunching, you can crack it.

All the technical questions were from computer science topics. Some of the puzzle questions were tricky. All my technical questions circled around:

  1. Programming concepts
  2. Logical puzzles

💡Quick Tip: I would highly recommend you to practice as much as aptitude as possible. Aptitude is a key for freshers to crack Hitachi Consulting Pune interviews.

Notable HR interview questions I was asked in my Hitachi placement drive

Following are some of the questions I was asked in my Hitachi Consulting Pune placement drive conducted at D. Y. Patil Engineering College, Pune.

  1. What are your achievements in my field of study or branch during college days.
  2. How do you tend to behave under stress?
  3. What did you do to prepare for your first semester as a college freshman?
  4. What is your best skill?
  5. What is the value you can add to Hitachi Consultancy?
  6. Did you take any initiative during school / college days?
  7. Why do you want to become a consultant in Hitachi?
  8. Tell me about a time where you had to work with a difficult person.

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Prepare well and come out with flying colors in your Hitachi Consulting Pune interview. In case you are already done with an interview at a company other than Hitachi, feel free to share your detailed interview experience with us here.

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4.00 avg. rating (82% score) - 1 vote