Hitachi Consultancy Consultant placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 22, 2017


Your Name :  Arnav Puri

Company Name for which you applied :  Hitachi Consultancy

Final result : Result awaited

Job Profile :  Consultant

Package Offered : Rs.  5.5 LPA

Number of rounds :  3

Date on which drive was conducted :  30-08-17

Place where drive was conducted :  Chitkara University,Punjab

Your email id:

Please give detailed description of each Round,  overall experience & Strategy you followed for each round and any other information or tips you think will help future candidates.

 The Online test was of 2 parts – Technical and Aptitude. The exam can be conducted by using a more simple sorting of – English, Qualitative, Quantitative, Technical miscellaneous, Technical C++, Technical Java. This is to ensure that the student remains in one mind during the various rounds of tests which will bring out better efficiency and marks in the exam. Like in English section, it can contain only questions related to English language. This will see to the change of mindset due to sudden change of condition from other type. Although, the mixed type of question is also a type of a minor challenge for the students to adapt for the sudden change of situation in real life. Also the questions related to technical programs which were in aptitude can be shifted in technical part to ensure one track mind.


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