Guide for beginners to effectively manage remote work and boost productivity

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jun 03, 2020

You recently got your first job and within the few days of work, the entire nation went on a lockdown leaving you clueless on how to work in isolation. The current pandemic has made everyone to switch to remote working- freshers or experienced professionals. As employees go through this shift, many out of them face several challenges to work-from-home efficiently and maintain their productivity at work.

The situation becomes more challenging for the beginners who have no or lesser idea about how to work in isolation and keep up the work productivity.

Common challenges faced by beginners

In the current situation of working from home, beginners find it the most difficult to cope with the new work demands as productivity challenge remains the key issue for them.

It is normal to face such issues at the beginning of your career. But without any guidance, freshers usually end up finding themselves in two situations, both of which are obviously not favorable:

  1. Losing productivity: Due to a lack of understanding of how to manage distractions at work when working remotely, productivity is bound to suffer. Employees are not sure how to set up a separate work station at home and stay away from the common distractions such as phone, TV, social media, or any other thing.
  2. Overworking yourself: Productivity can suffer even if you end up overworking without following a proper work schedule. Working endlessly without taking breaks never increases your productivity level, rather it can affect the overall work quality. Many employees even face a common problem of exhausting their energies due to working the entire day.

Whether you belong to situation 1 or 2, you need to overcome it for the benefit of maintaining your productivity at work.

There are 3 key areas you need to focus on to boost your productivity when working remotely: Personal management, Health management and Time management.

  1. Personal Management

It is imperative to ensure personal management to maintain high productivity at work. This includes balancing your professional and personal goals to stay focused and move in the right direction.

Personal management majorly means managing yourself without the need of anyone else doing that for you. It encourages you to manage your distractions at work while keeping the focus on your goals clear. You can easily do this by making an ‘activity list’ for the entire day, which should include managing your work, home, taking out time for hobbies, etc.

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  • Health Management

Maintaining good health is the key to stay fit and productive. Many employees face issues of bad health when they have to stay at home and work as it limits physical activity and forces you to sit for long hours at a place.

The best way to increase your productivity is to stay fit by exercising regularly, eating healthy and taking frequent breaks to rejuvenate. This also helps you to boost your energy level, which directly influences your productivity at work.

  • Time Management

When you learn to manage your time efficiently, maintaining productivity while working remotely becomes easier. Switching from a normal work routine to a work-from-home routine may take some time for you to adjust to the new work rules. You can easily manage your time by making a list of priority tasks for the day and allocate your work accordingly.

Follow these simple tips to stay productive while working remotely.


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