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HCL Placement Papers With Latest Questions and Answers (For 2020!)

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hcl placement papers

As we all know, HCL technologies is an Indian Multinational IT service company. The company’s head quarter is located in Noida, India. HCL is also a well-known mass-recruiter of freshers. In order to close available positions. HCL conducts placements drives across India every year to hire freshers and engineering graduates. Candidates chosen for HCL placement drives must have a BE or B.Tech degree, preferably in CS, ECE or IT, these streams are not a mandate though. HCL’s fresher selection process spans through four phases namely a written examination, followed by a Group Discussion (GD), and in the end a Technical Interview and an HR interview. Freshers who clear the first round of their HCL placement paper qualify to attend the GD and Interview rounds.

Eligibility criteria of HCL placement paper is 65% or above in 10th, 12th and graduation (without any backlogs). Permitted gap is only 12 months and not more than that. In case you are gearing up for HCL placement drive, ensure that your resume is flawless. You may create a resume with this free resume maker in real time and then download a print-ready PDF in your favorite format.

Read all about the latest HCL placement papers in this article and accordingly practice HCL aptitude questions and answers before your HCL interview.

All About HCL Placement Papers

# Detailed HCL test pattern
# HCL placement paper solutions
# Commonly asked questions and answers
# HCL company profile
# Fresher relevant job profiles in HCL
# Recruitment process for freshers in HCL

Detailed HCL test pattern

Now lets concentrate on the pattern and syllabus followed in the HCL Aptitude Test of the HCL Recruitment Process. HCL Aptitude Questions comprise of Quantitative, Logical, Verbal and Technical sections within the entire HCL aptitude test or placement paper.In order to clear the HCL placement paper, learn the HCL Pattern and Syllabus by heart. Then practice accordingly with a timer.

Syllabus of HCL placement paper

The syllabus will consist of Verbal English, Quantitative Aptitude, Technical Ability, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge. Total marks in an HCL Placement Paper would be 60 and the exam level would be moderate to difficult.

Syllabus Sections No. of Questions Duration Difficulty Level
Aptitude 15 15 Medium
Logical 15 15 Medium
English 15 15 Medium
Technical 15 15 Medium
General Knowledge 5 5 Low


A. Aptitude test in HCL placement paper

# You will face a total of 15 questions
# You have to solve this section in exactly 15 minutes
# The sectional cut-off is exactly 70%
# Minimum questions to be attempted by you would be 13
# Topics covered would span through HCF and LCM, Number System, Logarithms, Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns, Probability, Profit and Loss, Interest, Mixtures, and Allegations,Permutation and Combination, Geometry, Time Speed and Distance.

B. Logical test in HCL placement paper

# You will face a total of 15 questions
# You have to solve this section in under 15 minutes
# The sectional cut-off is precisely 70%
# Minimum questions to be attempted by you would be 11-13
# Topics covered would span through Directional Sense, Logical Reasoning, Coding and Decoding, Data Sufficiency, Pattern Analogy, Number Series, and Logical Statement, and Assumptions.

C. Verbal Ability or English test in HCL placement paper

# You will face a total of 15 questions
# You have to solve this section in less than 15 minutes
# The sectional cut-off is exactly 70%
# Minimum questions to be attempted by you would be 12 to 14
# Topics covered would span through Synonyms and Antonyms, Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Fill in the Blanks and Spellings.

D. Technical test in HCL placement paper

# You will face a total of 15 questions
# You have to solve this section in less than 15 minutes
# The sectional cut-off is exactly 70%
# Minimum questions to attempt the same would be 12-14
# Topics covered would span through Basics of Computers, Data Structures, OOPS Concepts, Coding with inputs and outputs, Networking, OS and DBMS.

E. General Knowledge test in HCL placement paper

The General Knowledge Test might contain current affairs and some questions about HCL as a company. In order to crack this section and score full marks, read up on latest news as well as HCL’s history, products and services.

Quick Tip: You have to solve total 65 questions in exactly 65 minutes. That means you get only 1 minute to solve each question. The good thing is there will be no negative marking.

Your HCL placement paper might not contain a General Knowledge section. Yet, to avoid any element of surprise, arrive prepared. Also read current affair GD topics and social issue GD  topics to face the group discussion round confidently. You can also read the newspaper headlines daily for a month or two prior to the HCL Online Test.

HCL placement paper solutions

Below given are some HCL placement paper questions from aptitude section with solutions for practice.

1. A person went to shop and asked for change for 1.15 p. Shopkeeper said he could provide change for 1 rupee and also for 50p, 25p, 10p and 5p. What were the coins he had?

Ans: 50 p : 1 coin, 25 p : 2 coins, 10 p: 1 coin, 5 p : 1 coin, Total: 1.15 p

2.If the diagonal of a rectangle is 17 cm long and its perimeter is 46 cm, what is the area?

A)130 cm sq.
B)120 cm sq.
C)125 cm sq.
D)140 cm sq.

3. 2, 7, 14, 23, ?, 47 Find the missing number.

A) 27
B) 36
C) 34
D) 38

4. Ratio b/w speeds of two trains is 7:8. If second train runs 440 km in 4 hr, then the speed of the first train is:

A) 96.5 km/hr
B) 98.2 km/hr
C) 96.2 km/hr
D) 90.8 km/hr

5.A wheel makes 1000 revolutions to cover 88 km. Find the wheel’s radius.

A) 14m
B) 12m
C) 16m
D) 88m

Below given are some HCL placement paper questions from logical reasoning section with solutions for practice.

Read the information given below and answer the question that follows.

# A, B, C, D, E, F and G are standing in a straight line. They are all facing north and are equally spaced, and not necessary in the same order. Each one has a different profession – actor, journalist, dentist, engineer, judge, teacher and artist, again not necessary in that order.

# G is fifth to the left of C. The journalist is third to the right of G. F is fifth to the right of A. E is second to the left of B. The engineer is second to the left of D. There are only three people between the engineer and the artist. The dentist is to the immediate left of the engineer. The judge is to the immediate right of the teacher.

Q1. Who is an actor?

Ans: C

Q2. What is D’s position wrt the painter?

Ans: Second to left

Q3. Who are standing in extremes?

Ans: A&C

Commonly asked questions and answers

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to the face-to-face interview post the HCL placement paper.

# What is the process followed while logging in and out of an online banking account?
# How is nesting of classes done in a revenue management portal?
# What is CSS?
# Can you explain the difference between JPA and hibernate?
# What is Spring Boot and how it is different from Java?
# Reverse a string.
# What is the architecture of spring framework?

Some non-technical HR interview questions asked in HCL HR interview are as follows.

  1. Are you willing to travel?
  2. Are you flexible for relocation?
  3. Tell me about your background.
  4. What was your most difficult project?
  5. What were the difficulties you faced in college or during your internship?
  6. Do you have any experience in conflict resolution in college/internship or during project work?

HCL company profile

HCL Technologies is an MNC primarily dealing in technology at its core. The organization helps enterprises leverage advanced computing and offers a plethora of products, services, and engineering solutions. HCL Tech’s portfolio is known for innovations around digital, IoT, cloud, automation, cybersecurity, analytics, infrastructure management, and engineering services, etc. HCL also has a strong global footprint with offices located in 44 countries. Source: Wikipedia and

Fresher relevant job profiles in HCL

Some technical job profiles relevant for freshers in HCL are Assistant Systems Engineer Trainee,  DCOPS-freshers, Associate Engineer Product Support, HCL Engineering Fresher, Software Developers (C++) etc.

Recruitment process for freshers in HCL

If you are a fresher and you have the passion to excel, with a hunger for knowledge and the desire to grow, HCL is the best place for you. Just preparing HCL placement papers will not suffice. Apart from college placement or HCL on-campus placement drive happening in your college/university, you have to start applying to HCL walk-in drives and off campus drives that are relevant for engineering freshers. The process of recruitment followed in HCL.

Quick Tip:-
HCL has a great work environment and corporate culture and the company is known for ensuring both personal and professional development of freshers as well as professionals. So after you are done preparing HCL placement papers, read all you can about HCL as a work-place and all the benefits for employees.

Student interview from recent HCL placement drive

I applied for a job in HCL online through my college’s placement cell, which has tied up with Firstnaukri. The entire process took a month to complete. The final interview was face-to-face and I was a bit skeptical as it was my very first interview. Thankfully questions asked were pretty straightforward during the course of my interview and I was able to crack it. If you are a fresher, please keep your eyes and ears open round-the-year about HCL off and on campus drives.Recruiters of HCL are constantly hiring engineering graduates in large numbers from colleges across India through HCL On Campus and Off Campus drives.If you want to get placed in HCL, you must attend one such drive. All final year students pursuing BE, B. Tech, MBA, MCA, ME and M. Tech can apply. Interestingly, I came to know from my friends that 2017, 2018 and 2019 pass outs can also sit for these on-going drives. So go for it. All the best!”

Contributed by Teena Suri

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