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GPX India Pvt Ltd Operations Engineer placement experience

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Name:  Yusha Patel

Company That You Interviewed For: GPX India Pvt Ltd

Role That You Interviewed For: Operations Engineer


Resume: Yes  

Application Form:Yes

Group Discussion: No

Written Test: Yes       

Please mention if there were any other requirements for the process. 


Please mention your remarks on the Application Form. (Questions, Qualification details)

DETAILS – NAME, ROLL NO, SSC %, HSC/DIPLOMA %, BE CGPI aggregate, Place of Stay

Please mention your remarks on the Group Discussion process.  (Topic, Duration, No. of Members)


 Please mention your remarks on the Written Test process.

It comprised of 20 questions of aptitude & time allotted was roughly 30 minutes. It was  an  interesting one & comprised of mixture of different topics like probability, time and work, calendar, permutation and combination, distance speed and time etc.

What went right for you at different stages of the process?

I was able to recollect all my basic aptitude logics as well as the technical stuff that I studied during my 6 years of engineering.

 What went wrong for you at different stages of the process?

There were some topic which even today I am a bit uncomfortable with like probability, combinations etc which wasted my time during aptitude test.

 What question(s) did you ask the interview panel?

  • Details about the company.
  • Why hiring fresher? (They hired fresher for the first time)
  • My role at the company
  • Prerequisites before joining
  • Why Thakur College of Engg & Technology for the process?
  • Joining date
  • Latest Technologies applied at their data centre

 Any suggestions/ dos & don’ts/ special preparation tips for your juniors:

  • Keep practicing aptitude till you are placed
  • Never forget the basic of your engineering in whatever field you are in
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Never say that you are planning for higher studies
  • Think logically before answering
  • Always update yourself regarding every useful information about the company prior to the placement process
0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes