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I recently attended my first job interview. Godrej Agrovet was the visiting company which conducted the drive. My Godrej interview took place as a part of the final year placements in my college. I am currently a B.Tech student at Siddaganga Institute Of Technology, Tumakur, Karnataka. The test pattern in my Godrej placement paper was simple and most of us sailed through it easily. The entire Godrej selection process and placement procedure consisted of three rounds in total. Given below are all the details about my Godrej campus placement drive.

Godrej Interview Experience of a Fresher

Godrej Interview Experience and Interview Process for a Fresher

In my Godrej Agrovet interview process, I qualified for all the rounds. My very first round was an aptitude round. They call it the ‘Graduate Intelligent Test’. After qualifying in this round, I got shortlisted for the face-to-face interview round. In my Godrej interview, I faced a combination of both technical and HR interview questions. My interviewer was a very dynamic professional and I faced all his questions with full confidence.

Company name: Godrej Agrovet
Position: GET (Shift Production Engineer, Graduate Engineer Trainee)
Result: I got selected in this company
Salary: 6.5 lakh per annum
Rounds: 3
Name: Divya B H
Place of placement drive: Siddaganga Institute Of Technology, Tumakuru
Date of drive: 8th October, 2018

Round 1 at Godrej placement interview drive

My first round was an online test. I cleared this round confidently. The very next round was a group discussion. I qualified for the next round and was called in for a face-to-face interview.

Round 2 at Godrej placement interview drive

I was bombarded with both HR and technical interviews at the same time. It was a scary moment as there were two panels. The idea of it being my first interview was making me nervous but I controlled my nerves as much as possible. Eventually I answered most of the questions correctly and hence cleared both HR and technical interview rounds.

Result announcement of my Godrej placement interview drive

My result was not announced on the same day but a day after my placement interview drive.

Takeaway from my Godrej interview experience

The best moment I faced was when a Godrej company HR person called me and said that I was selected for Godrej Agrovet. Since my Godrej placement interview day, this has become the best moment of my life! I will never forget this special day in my life and my first interview will stay close to my heart forever.

So guys, please do not worry. If you are well prepared, you will be easily able to crack your Godrej Agrovet interview and you will get hired immediately as a GET or graduate engineer trainee.

💡 Quick Tip: During the interview remain calm, be positive and feel confident from within. Face your interview panel with confidence and there will be no looking back after it. 

Since there are no specific questions asked in a Godrej interview, no specific preparation is required. Just feel confident and try and be yourself. When they ask you “Tell me about yourself” or “Describe yourself”, speak about every single important achievement in your life. Try your best to convince the panel that you are the best-fit for Godrej Agrovet in theinterview. Also, stress on why you applied for Godrej placement drive and how you arrived at this decision. Do not forget to ask questions if any. Most importantly, be confident and you should be fine during the interview.

All the best! 😊

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This Godrej interview experience and all the Godrej interview questions in this artcile have been contributed by Divya from SIT, Karnataka.

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