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Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. Service and Project Implementation Engineer placement experience

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Company – Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Name : Brian Faleiro

Job Profile :  Service and Project Implementation Engineer for AV Solutions.

Stage 1: The Preparation

Every interview needs a great deal of preparation and it’s not something that can be cracked on the night before the interview.  However, with proper preparation, every aptitude test can be in the left half of the toughness spectrum. Always go through mock tests either. These mock tests will not only prepare you to answer the aptitude tests correctly, but will also help to build your accuracy.

The Curriculum Vitae AKA. C.V., is another crucial tool to make or break your interview and your chances to win the job. Always see that your C.V. is crisp and precise. DO NOT ADD UNNECESSARY INFORMATION. Another important trick is to add information which you have actually worked really hard on. For examples, refer to my interview below. Another important tool is to get all your documents together in advance rather than to run around at the last moment.

Research about the company, view their official website, check reviews on Glassdoor and understand carefully what they do, where all they have offices, etc. These details may come back to haunt you during the interview, so prepare well.


Stage 2: The Interview

The interview, as usual, began with a rapid fire 60 questions in 15 minutes with no negative marking, however the cutoff was 45/60. The best part of it was that the questions were basic logical questions which could be solved even by a 5th grader. The aim was to check how you can endure stress and perform under extreme stress.

Post the aptitude test was the Technical Test. Since the job profile was a technical one, we had test of 50 questions in which the 4 years of Engineering came flashing before our eyes. It wasn’t quite easy and the cut off was an uphill task of scoring at least 35/50. This test had everything from basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering to Networking, from Digital Circuits to complex MOS devices, Diagram to Interface an LCD Display with 8051 Microcontroller, almost everything. The results of this round were decided by mapping the scores to our past (CET, HSC, Engg. Agg.) scores.

After clearing this was the all-important, interview round. One piece of advice, always present yourself well, because the first impression that the interviewer has of you, is the key that will decide the course of the interview. Guys always wear a tie, no matter what. Now I give you the two most important tricks to crack an interview;


  1. Your introduction:. Yes, your introduction must be your own. And it must be absolutely unique. Do not include any lie in it by mistake and remember that what you say here, provides the questions for the interviewer. This is your chance to direct your interview in the direction you want it to go. Do not add irrelevant information and keep it brief, simple yet interesting.
  2. Your CV:. Here’s where I come to the most important tool to crack your interview. You may be a person involved and interested in the technical, or you may be a person involved in extracurriculars such as cultural activities or sports. STICK TO MENTIONING AND DETAILING YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THAT FIELD. Your interviewer will then test your expertise in your field and select you based on your achievements. No matter even if it is a technical interview, but if your CV includes your compulsory projects along with a whole lot of cultural activities, which was my case, the interview will be directed into it. Pull the interviewer into your sphere of influence and ace it from there. My interviewer questioned me about my experience as General Secretary of College, what tricky situations I came across and how I overcame them.
  3. Always Be Confident And Have A Smile On Your Face. You’re bound to be nervous, but don’t let the interviewer have a clue about how nervous you are. Crack a joke or two in the answers, so that the interviewer also gets a little casual with you, and from then on, its your game all the way.

And this was how I cleared my technical interview. Yes, no kidding, that was my technical interview.

HR Interviews are pretty simple, and they just include basic questions about your family background, whether you’re willing to relocate, etc. In a very rare case, you could lose out in an HR interview, however, here’s your chance to question about the company. Clear your doubts and thoughts about the company.

On the whole, just be confident during an interview, be frank (not overly frank as well), present yourself well, don’t say anything out of the way for which you could be grilled with a whole lot of questions and most of all enjoy your interview because when you’re happy, you spread the happiness to your interviewer as well.


Just Chill. 😊


All the best and wish you success in all your Endeavours. 


0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes