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HR Interview Question Answer: WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU?

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This is a common interview question asked during campus placements. Many students find it difficult to answer this question. The best way to crack the code is to relate your education, interests and skills to the job role.

Why does the recruiter ask this question?

The question is usually asked to see if the candidate understands what he or she is being hired for and check his confidence to grasp new things quickly, adjust well into a team and attitude. It also helps a recruiter understand what skills and values a fresh graduate brings to the table.

What should be your ideal answer?

Your must focus on your skills and how you will leverage those skills for the position you are being interviewed for. Since it is going to be your first job, you can face some adjustment issues and a challenge with understanding a new environment. Therefore, you need to give confidence to the recruiter about your skills and right attitude.

Further, if you can prove your statement with a great example, nothing like that.

Good Answer

“Being a fresher, I keep my mind open to every necessary thing that is to be learnt for the enhancement of the growth of the organization and self. I strongly believe it is more like a mutual benefit and cooperation accord between me and the organization, wherein I gain the knowledge and the company gains the reputation with time along with increase in revenue.

My degree in <mention your discipline>, <internship experience, if any>, and skills <mention your skills> make me a valuable team player for your company. I have a strong work ethic, am dependable, and will do a fantastic job. <further, support with an example>.

What is good about the ‘Good Answer’?

Here you go:

  • “I keep my mind open to every necessary thing” shows that you want to enhance your learnings, while contributing to your job role and the bigger picture.
  • Plus, you are defining your skills and supporting them with examples.
  • You are mentioning your degree with an example that how it adds value to the job role

Bad Answer

“I’m just looking for a good opportunity to prove my talent and skills. I can bring success to your company. In addition, I am hard working, an amazing team player and loyal. This is why I think I make a good choice for this role.”

It is a vague answer and does not tell a recruiter much about your skills or how you are planning to make the most of it at a job. Here are more insights:

  1. Merely saying ‘I have good skills” does not define or communicate anything about the type of skills you possess.
  2. Mentioning ‘I’m hardworking’ can make recruiters roll their eyes. No one will ever say that s/he is too lazy or does not care about the job. Instead, add example, which show that you really put in 100% efforts to make things work.
  3. Never brag about yourself. This shows your over confidence, whereas you need to just show your confidence.
  4. Avoid anything that is too personal and can be hold against you if you are hired.
  5. Many other candidates can have the same skill s, so yours should be a differentiator.

Prepare well for this question and pave the way for your success. All the best.

4.67 avg. rating (91% score) - 3 votes