Firstnaukri Fresher Hiring Trends (Jan-Feb-Mar 2022)

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In this constantly changing fresher job market, understanding hiring trends is pivotal now more than ever. If you are a fresher or a campus student wondering where to begin, here’s the solution for you! brings to you its quarterly edition of the Firstnaukri hiring trend to help you take the first step. It is a quarterly hiring trend that measures the quarter-on-quarter hiring activities based on recruitment patterns on plus and offers insights across various industries, cities, and salary levels.

The report is insightful and crucial for anyone trying to make informed career choices. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the major highlights from this quartely edition.

“Almost all growth in fresher hiring has happened at the higher CTC ranges indicating a tectonic shift in
salaries. Itis encouraging to see that growth is spread across and not just restricted to the key metro
cities. Amongst industries that hire in large numbers – IT, BFSI, Education have grown well while there is,
decline in BPO, Medical & Auto. Overall we see a 30% growth in fresher hiring compared to last year 04
‘and we expect this momentum to continue.”
Sharad Sindhwani, Business Head | Firstnaukri


Demand for freshers continue to soar in key industries, including IT (61%) and BFSI (92%). Hiring activity in other industries like Semiconductors, Education, and Travel has zoomed over 100%, indicating employers’
high intent to recruit freshers. Additionally, Retail (35%) and Telecom (31%) too have had a stronger hiring sentiment.


Entry level professionals with up to 1 year of work experience saw an uptick of 32% in talent demand,
whereas the hiring activity for freshers with no work experience has grown by 10%.


Fresher hiring in metros outperformed their tier-2 counterparts in annual growth charts, with Bangalore (31%), Mumbai (57%), and Pune (63%) seeing the maximum surge. Among emerging cities, Ahmedabad recorded the highest demand for freshers with 31%.


Demand for freshers in the salary bracket of 4-7 lacs has zoomed over 100% YoY in 421. Also the data indicates that recruiter demand has shown an exponential growth of 241% for freshers with a salary of 7+ lacs.


Firstnaukri Hiring Trends calculates and records online fresher hiring activity based on newly added job
listings on it measures the hiring across various industries, cities, experience levels, salary
bands and courses year on year. The report, however, does not cover gig employment.


We are India’s largest end to end campus hiring platform and help recruiters digitize and automate fresher
hiring across courses and campuses.


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