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Federal Bank Career – Interview Experience of a Fresher

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I recently attended my first campus recruitment drive at GIMT, Guwahati. The interview was a filtering process for candidates to help them build a career in Federal Bank. Federal bank conducted this on-campus drive in my college. The interview process was tedious but a great learning experience for me and all my friends.

Interview Experience and Interview Process for a Fresher at Federal Bank

In my Federal Bank interview process, I faced 3 rounds and cleared all of them. We were interviewed for the position of a Clerk. The salary being offered was 3 lakhs per annum, which is an industry standard.

  • Result: I wasn’t selected 
  • Position: Probationary Officer / Clerk
  • Federal Bank Clerk Salary: 3 LPA
  • Rounds: 3
  • Name: Gaurab Saha
  • College / Place: GIMT, Guwahati

Federal Bank Career

About Federal Bank careers in India

Federal Bank is a leading Indian origin Bank. This bank focuses on Technology up gradation. It is the fourth largest bank in India due to a huge capital base. The Federal Bank Limited was founded as Travancore Federal Bank Limited in 1931. Today, Federal Banl is one of the strongest and most stable banks in the country. It comprises of 1200 outlets all over India and representative Offices abroad as well. The bank’s total business has crossed Rs.2,00,000 crores.

My Federal Bank career: Interview process in detail

Me: May I Come in,Sir?
Interviewer 1: Mr Gaurav, Please come in… Have the seat!!!

Interviewer 1: Tell me about yourself. (Read sample answers to Tell me about yourself HR interview question here.)

Me: Hello Sir. I am Gaurab Saha. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Engineering in the field of Electrical Engineering from AEC, Guwahati. I belong to a small town in this district of Assam. I belong to a nuclear family comprising of my father, mother and elder sister.

Interviewer 1: What does your father do?
Me: My father is a teacher by profession.

Interviewer 2: What about your mother?
Me: She is a homemaker.

Interviewer 2: You have mentioned in your resume that your elder sister is a Doctor. Is that that true?
Me: Sir, my sister has just completed her MBBS and about a week from now, she will be done with her internship.

Interviewer 1: Mr. Saha, are you an active member of any form of Student Union?
Me: No Sir. We do have a student union in my college – AEC. But I am not interested in becoming a part of it.

Interviewer 1: Does your student union have any political support?
Me: As far as I know, no Sir. The union does not have any political support, atleast until now. But as an independent body, it is sometimes helped by Political authorities indirectly.

Interviewer 2: Tell me your Hobbies. (Read sample answers to “What are your hobbies?” HR interview question here.)

Me: I like to write stories, articles and drama scripts.

Interviewer 2: Tell me the difference between a private sector and a public sector bank.
Me: Well a public Sector bank is one which is controlled partly or completely by the Government of India while Private sector banks are completely owned by Private companies.

Interviewer 1: How many friends do you have?
Me: Sir, I have never counted the friends I have until now.

Interviewer 2: Ok how many of them are good or best friends?
Me: I don’t like comparing my friends sir. They are all equally close to me.

Interviewer 2: Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel you have no friends.
Me: I do have friends sit, many friends. In fact everybody is my friends.

Interviewer 2: So, let’s be friends!!! Now coming to your Engineering degree, being an Engineer from a good college, why do you opt for a clerical Banking job?

Me: Sir, Engineers are known for coming up with solutions to problems. Being an Engineer I believe my problem solving skills are good enough for the banking sector as well. Besides, this is my very first job interview. So it is an opportunity for me to learn and understand how a company grows financially.

Interviewer 1: Mr Saha, do you hit the Gym regularly?
Me: Yes Sir, I have been going to the gym to tone my ab area and get rid of this belly for the past 3 months. But I quit recently, not due to lack of motivation, but because of exam pressure.

Interviewer 2: Gaurab, tell me something about Tesla
Me: Sir, I am from Electrical engineering background, so I know Tesla who discovered Wireless transmission of Electricity. Tesla is also the name of a company which was founded by Elon Musk. Also Tesla is a unit of magnetic Quantity.

Interviewer 2: Who is your dream employer?
Me: If ever possible, I’d like to be employed by Elon Musk.

Interviewer 1: Not Federal Bank? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? (Reply to the tricky HR interview question “Where do you see yourself in ten years” with ease.)

Me: Sir, my primary goal is to get a good job and proceed with the flow of my career. Whereas my long term goal is to serve the nation in whichever way possible. If I get through, I will have a role to play in the financial betterment of the nation. This will surely fulfill my long term goal.

Interviewer 1: Mr. Saha, are you a Bengali?
Me: Yes Sir, I am and proud to be so.

Interviewer 1: Can you adjust yourself in any part in India, for instance Rajasthan?
Me: Yes Sir. Its just another opportunity for me. I will be comfortable working in any part of India…

Interviewer: You may proceed…
Me: Thank You Sir.

That was my detailed interview experience at Federal Bank for a career in the Indian banking sector. As I said already, I applied through my college to Federal Bank. The complete process took a whole day. Initially all my papers and documents were checked which was followed by a personal interview. The entire environment was pretty casual and cool. Do not take tension and please do not hurry. Try to be calm and composed.

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