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NAME: Ganesh Gupta





APPLICATION FORM:                Yes



Please mention if there were any other requirements for the process: No


Please mention your remarks on the Application Form. (Questions, Qualification details)

Application form seemed to be typical where a candidate was expected to fill in the personal details, academic qualifications and work experiences (if any). A separate sheet was provided to write an essay on ”Define yourself as a person” to judge candidate’s writing skills.

Please mention your remarks on the Group Discussion process.  (Topic, Duration, No. of Members)

Group Discussion was the best part of the Selection process. Three topics were given and one was suppose to be chosen arbitrarily from the receipt kept on the table.

  1. Is Social Media ruining English communication skills?
  2. What matters you the most: Business Ethics or Brand Marketing.
  3. Is India moving towards people Management?

Duration: 5 minutes

Members: 8 people.

During group discussion, one person was given a responsibility to write an overall agenda (unfortunately me) clearly stating the strategy and solutions of the said discussion. The Discussion went professionally acknowledging and bracing fellow comments thereby arching out an innovative solution.

Please mention your remarks on the Written Test process

Written test consisted of two sheets:

Sheet 1: consisted all technical questions related to Food & Beverage Sector / Food Safety Aspects and current market trends

Sheet 2: consisted General awareness & analytical questions/ Mathematics based problems and logical reasoning questions.

Test Duration: 30 minutes

Number of questions: 60

Mode of Answer: One answer was supposed to be marked out of given four options.

 What went right for you at different stages of the process?

  1. Writing test appeared to be easy because I had prior CET preparation experience.
  2. I met alumni of my college which made me feel comfortable during evaluation process.
  3. Interview session was comfortable and cozy experience. It lasted for 25 minutes and I was asked question from different arrays of my studies, passion and good team experiences.

What went wrong for you at different stages of the process?

  1. Unfortunately, I was in charge of writing the agenda. Hence, I spoke least although talked few sensible points which were acknowledge by everyone.
  2. Long waiting time for the Interview actually made me anxious and testimonials from the other candidates brought a horror picture of the Interview session

What question(s) did you ask the interview panel?

Interviewers (2 in numbers) seemed to be contented with my performance in the interview session. My questions for them were as follows:

  1. I asked them that if they would like to know more about me which would help them in hiring process.

Answer: One Interviewer answer “NO” whereas the second one asked about my college, subject and my last journey.

  1. 2 second for them was: What does the success look like during the 6 months of the recruitment and does the company measure the performance / success of an individual?

Answer: Both the interviewers explained turn by turn the process which now I am now trying tough to recall.

Any suggestions/ dos & don’ts/ special preparation tips for your juniors:


  1. Try to be polite and well mannered.
  2. Exhibit confidence and believe in yourself and excellence


  1. Ladies seem to talk a lot in waiting room. So I would request them for more silence and patience.
  2. Fidgeting with telephones is considered to be non-professional during waiting session.

Special Preparation Tips:

  1. If you have reference contacts, try to find out the name of the Interviewer and his/her behavior. This would help you to design your strategy with sound psychological interaction.

If not planning for any strategy, try to be yourself


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