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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 09, 2015

Company Name: Emicon
Profile: Developer
Salary: 3.25 Lakhs Per annum
Name: Amandeep Singh

I have cleared 2 rounds written and technical test, but was unable to crack 3rd round.

First round was written test containing technical questions, aptitude questions, and programs to be written.

I was just being myself and cleared first round with my knowledge, and second and third round was rescheduled to be a combined round due to shortage of time and there I answered most of their questions correctly and they were satisfied with my answers as well. My strategy was to answer to their questions if I know them without wasting any time.

Thrilling moments of the process was when they were asking about the project I am doing in final year and were cross questioning about the project and the funny moment was about the android apps which I have made and uploaded to Google play store and they asked about it and the code used for that. Some apps were Lucky Number, Lucky today etc.

I believe the confidence and being yourself is the key for the selections in companies and answers must be to the point without any unwanted data and always be patient don’t get over excited.

Coding and technical knowledge was tested mostly along with the communication skills. Along with this Aptitude skills and problem solving skills were also tested.
I would like to recommend and websites for preparation.


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