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Don’t bluff!!

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Hi this is Lalitha, I’ve gone through two interviews in which I succeeded. I just want to share one of its experiences. It is a hardware company named Efftronics. The recruitment process includes a written test followed by a first level technical round, the candidates who are selected in these two rounds have to go to the company for the next screening process, which includes a psychometric round and followed by a TR and HR rounds.

Written test:

This includes all the basics of our core subjects (Electronics and communications) and C programming and a little bit of aptitude. Just one week of preparation on core subjects is needed to crack it easily. 50 % is cutoff for this round, and there is no sectional cut-off.

Technical round:

This round revolves around your knowledge about your core subjects and working of some general things like batteries, RS-232…

He asked me to explain architecture of 8086 processor, logic families and their voltage levels …. I answered all those. He also asked me to design a circuit to measure current, but without using any measurement device like ammeter…I thought for a while and simply told him  that when  we can use a DMM then why to go for a new circuit?

And many more questions that I don’t remember. But in any situation don’t bluff , if you don’t know any answer just tell them “I don’t know”. For 2 questions I also answered “I don’t know” but I got selected. It all depends on how confident you are and how well prepared you are. Surprisingly I did not know about the campus, I just came to college and attended it. The interview lasted for more than an hour.

So prepare well on the core subjects and feel that you are answering to your friend but not to your employer.

 Psychometric round:

This round is to check the candidate’s problem solving ability and his/her behavior under stress. This test a candidate’s helping nature and leadership skills etc.

First a madam came to us and read out 60 questions, we had to write yes/no to those and on the basis of which they will decide our mental ability.

And another memory test was conducted to check ones concentration. After that madam called us to discuss about our strengths, weakness and our future goals etc. She asked questions like why are we not going for higher education, what you want to be in ten next year’s time.

Just keep cool and answer & do keep a beautiful smile on your face.

HR Round:

This includes questions like in which department of our company you want to work? Tell me about yourself? What are your strengths and weakness? And after that it was just a chit chat session with a friend….no need to fear about HR…many people do all rounds well but at HR they get tensed and lose their chance…so be cool and threat them as your friend and answer all questions.

Second level TR:

This is bit difficult that tests how well you can apply your studies practically…he asked me to design a circuit in electronics that includes flip-flops , counters ,multi plexers…

After that he asked me to write a big program code in MASM software that is used in processors.

And after that he asked to explain about rectifies circuits …that’s all

The interview lasted more than a hour…its cool

 Some Tips:

  • Prepare your resume well, follow resume preparation tips in online firstnaukri provides good tips for resume preparation follow them.
  • For every line you wrote in your resume you will get a question so prepare well. Don’t bluff.
  • Prepare well on core subjects and programming languages, it helps you both for software and hardware jobs.
  • Be confident and grab a good job. All the best
0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes