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During interview I made my Interviewer laugh along with me :)

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Company: Pulp Strategy
Profile: Quality Analyst
Salary: Rs.4,00,000 PA

Myself, Anshul Aggarwal. Last year, I appeared for the interview process of Pulp Strategy.

First round was a telephonic interview asking about basic work and how you execute things.
Second round comprised of Tech and HR, talking about working methodology and reason to switch from current job. During interview I made my Interviewer to laugh along with me.

My Tips: Study about the company, assess your strength and work comparing current and new company profile. Go through all market analysis and reviews from the pundits of your field. It was a healthy and fruitful experience as I was aware of my work and job profile in new company.

“Be true to your work, never hide and go straight with your strength and weakness during interview.”

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