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Different Types of Logical Reasoning Multiple Choice Questions

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Logical Reasoning is one of the trickiest and frequently asked questions that make a critical part of interviews, college placements, competitive exams, and several entrance tests. Logical Reasoning consists of different types of questions that mainly gauge the candidates’ abilities on logical reasoning and mathematics. So, whether you are a fresher or a student preparing to crack your exams and job interviews, you should know the popular types of Logical Reasoning Questions that you may be asked at any stage of your career.

Let’s start your preparation by understanding and solving some of these handpicked logical reasoning questions with explanations. The important types of categories covered in this article include a mix of Letter Series Logical Problems, Analogies, Symbol Series, and Analyzing Arguments.

Letter Series – Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Samples

Letter Series questions mainly work on a logic of a series of small letters, which follow a specific pattern. Candidates are asked to identify the missing letters in the set.

Example of Letter Series Logical Reasoning MCQs:

  1. QPO, NML, KJI, _____, EDC
  1. HGF
  2. CAB
  3. JKM
  4. GHD

Answer: Option 1

Explanation: The series includes letters arranged in a reverse alphabetical order.

  1. MTLVK
  2. PQMTH
  3. RIJTU
  4. HSKUJ

Answer: Option 1

Explanation: In this series, alternate groups form different series.

Pattern for 1st letter: A+2, C+2, E+2, G

Pattern for 2nd letter: T+2, V+2, X+2, Z

Similarly, pattern for 5th letter: B+3, E+3, H+3, K

So, the next group in the series will be MTLVK.

  1. DEF, DEF2, DE2F2, _____, D2E2F3
  1. DEF3
  2. D3EF3
  3. D2E3F
  4. D2E2F2

Answer: Option 4

Explanation: In this series, the letters remain the same, i.e. DEF. Here the subscript numbers follow the series: 1,1,1; 1,1,2; 1,2,2; 2,2,2; 2,2,3. Therefore, the next letter series will be D2E2F2.

Analogies – Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Many freshers and students think that cracking this category of questions includes synonyms or anonyms and is a cakewalk. However, it is not always that easy and requires proper attention to understand the relation between a set of words to avoid making any wrong attempts and attract negative marking.

Some examples:

  1. wolf : pack
  2. cow : farm
  3. herd: peacock
  4. elephant: jungle

Answer: Option 1

Explanation: A group of fish is called a school and a group of wolves is called a pack.

  1. metropolitan: urban
  2. sleepy: nocturnal
  3. harvest: autumn
  4. agrarian: benevolent

Answer: Option 1

Explanation: Pastoral means rural areas; while metropolitan means urban areas.

  1. speech: oration
  2. touch: massage
  3. smell: stench
  4. taste: style

Answer: Option 3

Explanation: Cacophony defines an unpleasant sound; a stench defines an unpleasant smell.

Symbol Series – Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Samples

In this category of logical reasoning MCQs, candidates are required to understand the given symbols and then identify the next logical symbol that fits well in the series.

Answer: Option 3

Explanation: All the 4 segments include the same figures- 1 triangle, 2 squares and 1 circle. The pattern is that in the 1st segment, squares are placed outside the triangle and circle. In the 2nd segment, squares are placed below the other two shapes. In the 3rd segment, squares are placed inside. Therefore, in the 4th segment, squares should be placed above the circle.

  1. Select a suitable figure that completes the below shared series of the figure matrix.

Answer: 4
Explanation: In each row, the second figure forms the innermost and the outermost elements of the third figure. Moreover, the first figure forms the middle element of the third figure.

Analyzing Arguments – Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Samples

This category of logical reasoning questions includes a set of statements out of which one supports the conclusion of the argument. To solve such questions, it is important to identify and correlate the conclusion.

  1. One of the warmest winters on record has put consumers in the mood to spend money. The consumer intend of spending is seen to be the strongest in 13 years. During the month of January, sales of existing single-family homes hit an annual record rate of 5.70 mn.
    This paragraph best supports the statement that:
  1. during the winter months, the prices of single-family homes are the lowest.
  2. warm winter weather is likely to affect the rate of home sales.
  3. consumer spending will be higher thirteen years from now than it is today.
  4. there were about 5 million homes for sale during the month of January.

Answer: 2

Explanation: The argument here states that warm weather affects consumers inclination to spend.

  1. Mathematics allows us to expand our consciousness and tells us about the growth of populations, economic trends and the patterns of disease. Mathematics is good at exposing the truth, but it can also perpetuate misunderstandings and untruths. Figures have the power to mislead people. This paragraph best supports the statement that:
  1. figures are sometimes used to deceive people.
  2. the study of mathematics is dangerous.
  3. the power of numbers is that they cannot lie.
  4. words are more truthful than figures.

Answer: 1

Explanation: The answer is clearly mentioned in the last sentence of the paragraph.

Wait for more sets of logical reasoning MCQs in the next series that will cover different types of categories-  Matching Definition, Artificial Language and Essential Part.

Hope the sample logical reasoning MCQs shared in this article have given you a fair idea about the different types of questions you may come across. We suggest you to practice more such logical reasoning questions and be ready to face anything!

Keep reading. All the best.

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