Different Resume Formats For Freshers

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Nobody can ever underestimate the importance of a good CV. It is all about making an impact in the first go, and as a fresher you can make an impact on your employer using your CV only. This will be your only chance to attract the attention of a potential employer, or to put your resume on the record of those who do not want to pursue it.
The statistic says that the average employer only spends a few seconds looking at a CV, so it’s imperative that the CV makes an impact. The CV should be well formatted and totally professional.

Before much ado, you have to build a flawless perfect resume with online resume maker. You simply have to go to Firstnaukri.com and register yourself on the site. Once that’s in place, you can choose a design for your resume and voila! Your perfectly formatted resume will be ready to download free of cost! That’s the magic of a resume builder. While using this resume maker for freshers, remember to choose a template of your choice from the available samples. After you download your resume from our online cv maker, you can apply to jobs of your choice. Just ensure that the details you entered are correct. In case they aren’t or need to be updated, feel free to visit free online resume builder once again, as many times as you want!

Now lets get back to the various formats of a resume or curriculum vitae.

Different Resume Formats & Crucial Tips

# Chronological CV
# Functional CV
# Important Information About Resume Maker
# Final Checklist for Resume Building
# Make A Professional Freshers’ CV with Online Resume Maker



This is the most common type of CV format and almost all resume builders follow it. The timeline first displays the last internship or training or project. Your skills are displayed date-wise in the timeline of the cv downloaded from an online resume maker tool. This is a traditional way to format a fresher’s resume and it places more emphasis on job titles and career history as far as a fresher’s abilities are concerned. Chronological CVs are usually best suited for fresher job-seekers who aspire a stable career development in not more than two areas of interest.

Chronological CVs are best for the following types of freshers and jobseekers:

# Those who desire for a stable work history and have taken few educational breaks in the past.
# Those freshers who desire to stick to their core domain or who have just one area of interest.
# Those who have portrayed a history of consistent performance both academically and in extra curricular activities. Basically their resume demonstrates a sense of responsibility in the applicant.


A functional CV focuses on the fresher’s skills and past achievements. It does not seek internship experiences or project details. Functional resume would generally offer you a platform to showcase diverse skills and potential to build experience in any field. This resume format would let an applicant check for gaps educational history or project work or internship details and further minimize irrelevant information.

Functional resume or CV is best suited for the following types of freshers and job-seekers:

# Graduates seeking to diverge into want to change their career.
# Those who want to emphasize certain skills, knowledge or skills.
# They return to work after an absence.

But no matter what kind of resume you’ve chosen, what employers are looking for is pretty much the same thing. As you can see it is up to you, but try as much as possible to include as much information as possible.


Contact Information – It is extremely important to include your contact information in your resume. Some candidates forget this basic but essential information. Do not forget to write your postal address, telephone or mobile number and your e-mail address. You would be surprised to see how many job seekers make mistakes by filling in their contact information.

Career Profile – A well laid out description of yourself, with your future aspirations and current achievements. It shouldn’t be left out as the employer gets to know a little more about the soft skills that you posses.

Work experience – Include all your work experience, preferably including business, job title, responsibilities and data of the companies in which you work or have previously worked.

Education – Include all educational qualifications here. Make sure you include all of your training, including any licenses or certifications you have purchased.

Generally all above points are taken care of in a resume maker tool. The resume you download from a free online resume builder has a fixed template and in order to populate the template with data, you need to fill in fields in a form. Basically, there is no chance for a fresher to miss any mandatory field in such circumstances.


After your resume has been written and revised, there is a checklist that needs to be followed. This checklist will bring you closer to get that dream job.

# Review all your contact information, and make sure they are up to date.
# The employer has been addressed and the employer details mentioned are correct.
# The resume looks good and is well formatted.
# There are no typo and grammatical mistakes in the CV.
# The keywords have been highlighted.
# There is no irrelevant information included in the resume.
# The CV doesn’t exceed two pages.
# There should be no expected salary.

Make A Professional Freshers CV with Online Resume Maker

After you have gone through the checklist, you are all set to send this resume to the employer. Just make sure that the E-Mail contains a good subject and the mail is not sent at any odd hour of the day. You might be unsure about the best resume format for your specific situation. FirstNaukri has a dedicated CV maker for different job types. Visit our online resume maker today, to get a ready-to-use, error-free and well-formatted resume. Register here to use it for free today.


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