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Amazon Device Associate Placement Experience

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Company: Amazon

Profile: Device Associate

Salary: 2.64 LPA

Place: Tamil Nadu

Number of Rounds: 3

Result: Result Awaited

Application process

I applied for Amazon campus recruitment drive through my college. The process lasted for a whole day. My result is still pending.

Interview rounds

The following rounds were conducted during the Amazon placement drive in my college.

  1. General Aptitude : General aptitude comprised of Maths and English questions which were pretty easy. I practiced lots of aptitude problems beforehand and my preparation helped me. There were some logical reasoning questions too, which eliminated many candidates.
  2. Technical Aptitude: In the technical round, I was interviewed about my role in the college project team and I was given a quiz to solve. Those of us who answered the quiz correctly made it into the final round. Honestly, this quiz was pretty tough.

Quick Tips: Portraying good communication skills and high confidence levels are inevitable during your Amazon placement interview. The written general aptitude test is easy to crack, provided you practice enough exercises in advance. Cracking the technical round is a tad bit difficult though. The quizzes were quite challenging, so be thorough in your college project work. Attempt all the questions and in case some answer doesn’t come easily, keep trying.

Interview questions I faced in the HR round and how I answered them

I was asked about various testing processes and had to describe the entire test lifecycle. I answered questions on regression, manual and automation testing. Most of the queries were scenario based and as a tester, I had to resolve them.

Q1: What will you do first if PHP does not work on Facebook? What improvements can you make in the webpage’s script?

I answered like this, “I will check the glitch thoroughly in inspect element to rectify the error. I will obviously not copy and paste example code, else I will get error 191. As a resolution, first I will try to add a callback url to getAccessToken in the code. If this does not solve my issue, I will edit the Facebook sdk code.”

I was also asked several other questions.

Q2. Tell me about yourself.

I answered like this, “I have been a good student all through my academic years. Apart from studies, I like to play squash and watch all forms of sports. During weekends, I hang out with my friends at my place or at any sports pub in the city. I am also into mountain biking.”

Q3. Why do you want to choose this company?

I answered like this, “I am a big fan of Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos. Also, your organization has a global presence. I always dreamt of working for an MNC and this seems like a golden opportunity for me.”

Q4. Why should I hire you?

I answered like this, “I believe my skill sets are good enough and I am sure I can do justice to the position. Besides, I am a quick learner, especially when it comes to picking up new technologies.”

My learnings from this placement interview experience

All you need to do is think wisely before answering. Do not let your enthusiasm ruin the interview. Talk sense because words once spoken cannot be taken back. Even if you don’t know the answer, try to attempt the question. After all, confidence is what matters the most. Also, communicating with poise in chaste English, is really important.

Some quick tips for the GD round:

  1. Always be the first one to speak.
  2. Address other candidates with their first name during a group discussion.
  3. Give others a chance to speak as well. Do not talk too much or go off track, otherwise, the panelists will penalize you with negative marks.
  4. Speak clearly. Try not to repeat the same points over and over.
  5. Go with the flow according to the topic and do not deviate from the core discussion. In case other GD participants deviate, intervene politely and take control of the discussion.

This is not the first company I have interviewed for. I have attended several campus interviews and have practically lost the company count! During the first phase of on-campus placement drives in my college, I attended core company placement interviews too. Very few of my friends were able to crack them.

As a backup, try to attend every single interview that is organized in your college. If you fail to attend them, meet your professor the very next day and explain why you couldn’t attend it.

Placements are not a waste of time because you will start figuring out what you actually want. Finally, try and get placed in a company, as I did. Unfortunately, I had to quit in the 6th month because it was a third-party vendor. The pay was less and the job was tiresome.

After quitting, the first interview I attended was of a Device Associate at Amazon. I could not prepare in advance but managed to read up a little before the interview. First was the aptitude round and they filtered out 50% of the candidates. Basically, the cutoff was high, and after clearing it I was asked to come over the next day for Round 2. In the second round (a F2F interview), I was asked. “Why did you choose this role when it is not related to what you have studied?”

Don’t be lethargic while answering non-technical questions. They went through my resume and fired several questions. I was able to answer only one of them and I tried my level best to answer the others. The person who interviewed me was kind enough to give me multiple chances to attempt the questions. After getting selected in this round, I made it into the final round with 5 others. The personal interview lasted for about 30 minutes per person.

In the final interview, they asked me two technical questions pertaining to testing and gave me a few scenarios. The last question was, “Why do you want to choose Amazon?” This question should be answered very carefully because everyone would be giving the same answer.

Coming to the last and final part of the journey, did I get selected? Well, I am also curious and waiting for my results. Outcome of the final round was supposed to be intimated via SMS and email.

Even if I don’t get placed, I still have lots of opportunities waiting out there. In the worst case, nothing is lost as I can definitely try for Amazon once again after six months! We fail only when we give up. So never give up and keep trying. 😊

In case you do not make it this time, do not lose heart. As freshers, our job is to keep attending interviews and learn from our experiences. Apply for internships on to acquire as much knowledge as possible from these experiences so that you can join into the mainstream workforce asap.

All the best!

5.00 avg. rating (92% score) - 1 vote