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How to Get a Job as a Fresher in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

/ 2,386 views / in Career Management by FirstNaukri

If you are looking forward to getting your career started this year, finding new job opportunities during COVID-19 is not going to be the same game. The pandemic has certainly …
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Impact of Covid-19 on Campus Placements and Internships

/ 1,160 views / in COVID-19 Resources by FirstNaukri

The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to unprecedented times and situations, making the world to stay inside homes. The crisis has impacted the economies to a great extent and also …
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top pandemic interview question answers

Top Interview Questions to Prepare During COVID-19 Pandemic

/ 8,075 views / in COVID-19 Resources by FirstNaukri

Companies are increasingly telling their employees to work from home until the coronavirus pandemic settles down. Additionally, fresher jobseekers are also getting interviewed online by potential employers now. As a …
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skills for remote job interview tips

Lockdown Guide: Pick Up These Technical Skills in Less Than 30 Days

/ 4,459 views / in Career Management by FirstNaukri

Are you confused about how to keep learning or what to do during the coronavirus pandemic? Please read this complete lockdown guide and skill up accordingly! You are an 18+ …
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Must-Have Skills to Put On Your Resume During COVID-19

/ 1,525 views / in Career Management by FirstNaukri

Adding skills on your resume is a pretty easy task. You only need to list the most appropriate skills in the best possible way. This task is not as tough as it seems.  While preparing …
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What changes are happening in the recruitment front during the COVID era?

/ 420 views / in COVID-19 Resources by FirstNaukri

Do you need to bother about that as a job seeker? Yes, of course! Understanding how the COVID-19 has or going to impact the overall hiring process will help you …
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Interview Questions for Part Time and WFH Jobs

/ 1,432 views / in COVID-19 Resources by FirstNaukri

As a fresher, you would be wondering what to expect in a part time or WFH job interview. Unlike regular face to face job interviews, most recruiters ask an unusual …
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freshers can earn from home

Earn during COVID-19: Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

/ 10,996 views / in COVID-19 Resources by FirstNaukri

Are you jobless? Has your placement season got delayed? Or did you tank a job interview before lockdown? If your answer to any of the above questions is a ‘YES’, you need to stat earning money from home asa!
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How to Utilize the Lockdown Time and Create a Resume Every Recruiter Wants!

/ 3,739 views / in COVID-19 Resources by FirstNaukri

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the world is on complete lockdown leaving several active job seekers with another challenge of finding a job in these uncertain times. However, this situation …
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Resume Tips to Land Work From Home Jobs

/ 1,338 views / in COVID-19 Resources by FirstNaukri

The novel coronavirus pandemic is causing layoffs and long vacations of millions of jobseekers across the globe. Simultaneously, qualified freshers and dedicated professionals are on the hunt for new jobs. …
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