Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Fresher’s Resume

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jul 08, 2019

Are you ready to enter the new phase of your life after campus? Yes, it’s the corporate world that requires a smart approach to find your first job. First experiences are always daunting and and like any other thing in the world, mistakes are bound to happen when you do things for the very first time. Writing your resume is no exception. A resume is your first point of contact with recruiters, therefore, any small mistake can prove to be fatal for your job search. However, a professional help such as an online resume maker can save you to commit common mistakes in your freshers resume as resume makers help you create professional and impressive resumes in a second. Firstnaukri has recently introduced a perfect free online resume maker to help you create your resume in minutes. Check here.

As a freshers, whether you are applying for an internship or for a job, you definitely need to make an appealing CV that resonates with employers. While doing so, he is expected to make certain mistakes, primarily due to inexperience. So, here is a list of common mistakes that as a fresher you should avoid while making your online resume.

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This is the most common and the worst mistake that even experienced people make while writing their CVs. If the employer finds any spelling or grammatical mistake in your resume, the chances of you getting that job are very slender. This is perfectly logical, as firstly, this may portray you as a casual and laid back person. The employer may also think that you are not taking the job very seriously and hence would not do justice to it.

Secondly, the employer may also think that you are weak at English. Today, no body is willing to employ a person who is not a good orator. You shouldn’t allow the employer to assume any of these two things. Hence, these mistakes should be avoided.

SOLUTION – You must proofread your resume at least twice. You must edit it, if you think there is even a small mistake. After proofreading, you should run your resume through an online grammar checker applications, just to find any mistakes that would have been left by you. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have an error-free resume is choosing Firstnaukri online resume maker, which is free to use.

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Limiting your resume to not more than 2 pages is very important. No employer wants to read about the debate competition that you won in 8th class. It’s just irrelevant and makes your CV long. The idea behind a perfect resume is to make the resume short, concise and informative. Yes you should include specifics but that should be relevant to the job you are applying for. For instance, you may have won a Hacathon competition in your school, but it is of no use if you are applying for a doctor’s job. However, if you are applying as a web developer, it may be the highlight of your CV.

If you include more than what is required, it makes your CV textual and boring. Nobody likes to read a boring and lengthy resume.

SOLUTION – Before writing your CV, make a rough note of brief points that you think are important for your fresher resume. Look at the requirements of the job, and exclude all those points from that list, that are irrelevant. Think from the employer’s point of view, and also exclude all those points that are common and don’t help your CV to stand apart.

Online resume makers help you create a brief and informative resume. Firstnaukri resume maker allows you to create and download free resume basis your personal information.

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This is another very common mistake mostly committed in freshers’ resume. Providing with wrong or outdated contact information means that even if you are selected for the job, you won’t get a call. The employer will simply be unable to reach out to you. And no matter how good you are, no employer has got the time to search for you. This mistake generally happens when you are applying for an overseas job, and your phone doesn’t allow international calling. Or you have recently changed your phone number but have not updated the new number on your resume.

Providing wrong contact information basically means giving a resignation letter, even before getting the appointment letter.

SOLUTION – Always double check your contact information. Make sure that your phone is able to accept calls from the countries where you have applied. The E-Mail that you have provided is working fine and is not near expiration (in case of personal E-mails). Before submitting your resume, always check and validate your contact information.

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Sending a generic resume to various companies at the same time is the biggest mistake one can make. Every resume should be tailor-made according to job postings, companies and job requirements. There must be a different resume for every job that you apply to. Using the same resume for different jobs will make you end up no where.

If you make a generic resume and circulate it everywhere, the employer will think that you’re not really interested in working for that specific company. Nobody is willing to hire a fresher who is not giving his 100% to the company. Hence, the easiest way to loose an interview call is to send a general resume to the employer.

SOLUTION – The solution to this complex problem is quite simple. Use efficient online resume maker offered by Firstnaukri. All you need to do is enter your personal details and the online resume maker quickly creates impressive and unique resume for free. Make the employers feel special, and take some time to match your skills to those that are required without much efforts.

To make an error-free resume, use our free Resume Maker Tool. This tool is specially designed for freshers and will definitely help you land to your first job.

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